Low Carb Recipe | Instant Pot Butter Beef

Instant Pot Butter Beef

3 lb beef roast such as a chuck or arm roast
1 tablespoon olive oil
2 tablespoons ranch dressing seasoning mix
1 pint jar pepper rings, drained with 1/4 cup of juice reserved
2 tablespoons zesty Italian seasoning mix
8 tablespoons butter
1 cup water

  1. Turn the Instant Pot or pressure cooker to saute or brown. Place the one tablespoon of olive oil in the bottom of the pot when it is hot. Sear both sides of the roast in the pot.
  2. Turn the pot off and pour the water, seasoning mixes, pepper rings, reserved juices on top of the beef roast. Place the stick of butter on top of the roast.
  3. Lock the lid onto the Instant Pot. Seal the valve. Manually set the time for 60 minutes of pressure. For larger roasts, it could take 90 minutes.
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For Full Instruction: beyerbeware.net

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