Homemade Jam Recipe | How To Make Jam Without Pectin

How To Make Jam Without Pectin

7 pounds of fresh or frozen fruit (approximately 14-20 cups)
¼ cup of lemon or lime juice
3-5 cups + 2 tbsp of sugar* (I’ve varied this and have even used no sugar at all, but this seems to be the happy place for my family’s preferences)
A piece of clean, non-linty cotton fabric for draining (I used a flour sack towel. This will be permanently stained, so don’t use something you want to keep pretty.)

  1. Prepare your fruit. For berries, this means washing them and sorting them, removing little leaves and twigs, as well as berries that are shriveled. For fruits like apples or peaches, this might mean blanching and peeling them, then removing the cores. Leave the odd green bit of fruit in, because less ripe fruit has more naturally occurring pectin than ripe fruit.
  2. Mash, finely chop, or puree your fruit. I used a blender to puree half of the fruit, and a food processor to finely chop the other half. We prefer a rough puree texture.
  3. Pour this into a large crock or non-reactive bowl, layering your fruit with half of the sugar. I use the ceramic insert from my crock-pot for this.
  4. etc
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For Full Instruction: shtfpreparedness.com

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