100 g 4 oz margarine. We think 6 weeks is ideal so youre not cutting it fine.

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When the cake is completely cold wrap it in a double layer of greaseproof paper and then in foil and store in a cool place for up to 3 months.

6 inch square christmas cake recipe. A rich fruit cake perfect for this time of year A classic Christmas cake recipe which makes 4 15cm 6 inch square cakes. Bake in preheated oven for 40 to 45 minutes. Here is the conversion from 10 square to 6 round Pauls moist chocolate cake.

This means that if the recipe calls for a square cake tin but you want to use a round tin you will need to size up. Take a peek at 2 ½ hours but probably needs 3 ¼ hours And for the 7 inch round tin 3 egg recipe. Mix into butter and sugar in three batches alternating with treacle and milk.

We would also like to. For a 7 inch 17 cm round or 6 inch 15. As you said the recipe youre using uses two 8-inch round pans in one recipe the formula should work the same.

5 x 15 ml spoon 5 tbsp evaporated milk. Press the band into the cake tin. Ingredients 40g 1oz glacé cherries 200g 7oz currants 150g 5oz raisins 175g 6oz sultanas 40g 1oz chopped candied peel 30ml 2 tbsp brandy 150g 5oz butter softened 150g 5oz light brown muscovado sugar 2 large eggs lightly beaten 175g 6oz plain flour.

Give it extra layers of protection around the outside to help stop it drying out or catching on the corners and make sure the top is covered with a double layer of parchment not touching the cake mix. Make sure each cake has plenty of protection around the outside and the top is covered with a double layer of parchment not touching the cake mix. How to Frost Decorate a 6 Inch Cake.

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Packed full of dried fruit this is a delicious traditional cake that you need to try. 200 g 7 oz Be-Ro Self Raising Flour. You need about 25-3 cups of frosting to frost a 3 layer 6 inch cake.

Door to peek at it until at least 4 hours 3 hours if making the 6 in 15 cm round cake have passed. The frostings paired with the cupcake recipes listed above are plenty for your 6 inch cake such as vanilla buttercream or chocolate buttercreamAssembling and decorating a 6 inch cake is just like putting together a larger cake but the smaller size is definitely easier to work with. To upscale this to 12-inch you would multiply the recipes ingredients by 2 ½.

225 g 8 oz caster sugar. Take a peek at 3 hours but probably needs 3 ¾ hours. Conversion chart for my Christmas Cake.

25 g 1 oz cocoa powder sieved. We do a 5 egg mix in an 8 inch square and bake it for 4 ¾ hours on the bottom shelf of a conventional oven set at 140C. However we suggest that you start checking the cake at 1 hour and 45 minutes and cook until a cake tester comes out clean when inserted into the centre of the cake.

When the cake is cold wrap it well in double greaseproof paper and store in an airtight tin. These timings are for a conventional oven and are meant to be a guide only. Stir in soaked fruit and chopped almonds.

The baking times can vary but it should be roughly 2 hours at 150c300F. I would have a peek at 4 hours. Scrape cake mixture into prepared tin.

In a separate bowl combine flour bicarbonate of soda salt and mixed spice. I hope this helps. These cakes cook best low and slow.

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Decorate your Christmas cake. The chocolate cake recipe I have is for an 8 cake. If it comes out.

5 x 15 ml spoon 5 tbsp water. 1 x 25 ml spoon ½ tsp salt. 6-8 drops of lemon juice.

Based on this chart you could add the 2 and 5 egg quantities if it helps. Thanks for stopping by. For the 5 inch round tin.

I havent tested this but I would make a 7 egg classic Christmas cake for a 9 ½ inch square tin. Grease the tin 1st with marg then cut two rounds of greaseproof paper to fit the base and a double greaseproof paper to fit the sides making the sides a little large then the tin Snip the base of this band side at regular intervals so it fits flat at the bottom. You can even freeze it.

Making the sides large then the tin. Brush a 25cm 10 inch round cake tin or a 23cm 9 inch square cake tin with melted Stork and fully line with a double thickness of non-stick baking paper. Butter 933g you can round this up if you want or leave it as 93 chocolate 933g as above coffee 25 teaspoon water 679 ml you can round this up to 68 ml cocoa powder 212 g you can round this to 21g Plain flour 537 g round this up to 54g.

If your oven tends to run hot tie a single thickness of brown paper around the outside of the tin 2. Dont worry the conversion chart below covers this for you. Preheat the oven to 130C250FGas Mark ½ You must begin by preparing the cake tin.

Cooking Times for Small Christmas cakes. The chart converts from one 8-inch cake recipe. Preheat the oven to 140ºC275ºFGas Mark 1.

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15 cm round or a 5 inch 12 cm square tin. 19 rows Bake the cake on the lower shelf of the oven look at the table above for baking. Christmas 15cm 6 inch Round or 12cm 5 inch Square Cake.

Towards the end of the baking time do the skewer test.

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