And unlike ice cold water room temperature water does not constrict your vocal cords. This is another popular tea choice for singers.

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So this might sound a bit boring but its honestly the best thing you can do for your voice.

Best tea to drink for singers. Steep for at least 30 minutes preferably overnight in the fridge. Any mint tea or floral tea is a good place to start. Decaffeinated tea is the best tea to drink for your singing voice.

Although the tea itself doesnt reach the vocal cords theres quite a few reasons why this tea is beneficial for the voice. There are different teas to help you with different ailments. Many singers claim that ginger tea is good for their voice.

Another popular natural spray many singers swear by is Vocal EZE and fortunately the taste is not too strong or unpleasant. That means no milk no cheese and no yogurt. It reduces swelling and helps the vocal cords work through any colds or infections.

The next best drinks for singers fall into the tea category. Yogi Tea is rich in antioxidants and also has significant health benefits. Seal the jar and shake gently to mix ingredients.

Peppermint tea benefits the singer by reducing the inflammation in the throat chest and nasal cavity. Peppermint tea will invigorate you and chamomile teas are naturally relaxing. I also use Vocal Eze throat spray some similar ingredients the day before and day of the performance.

A sore or irritated throat will ruin the sound of your voice but the ginger honey and steam can help soothe inflamed throat tissues and loosen secretions when. Oolong tea is rich in minerals like manganese and contains a host of tea polyphenols which act as antioxidants. And 3 plenty of fresh vegetables andor fruits citrus fruits however seem to cause mucous or dryness in some singers.

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Arguably the caffeine content doesnt matter as theres not enough caffeine to act as a diuretic when you calculate how much water youre getting. For some it might be an acquired taste after 10 years drinking it myself I now prefer room temp. Throat Coat Tea Yogi Teas Throat Comfort.

But that said if you want to be safe avoid black tea. The hot tea will make you sweat and the menthol will cool you down. Oolong tea is said to help with blood sugar control heart health brain function and metabolism as well as protect against some forms of cancer.

Choose the right drink to keep your throat smooth and body hydrated. Find it at a Guitar Center or on Amazon 7. In addition this there are several teas that do have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which are excellent for singers like peppermint and ginger tea.

Even Taylor Swift is a fan and asks to have some backstage at every concert. Here are my recommendations. Throat Coat Tea is a staple among singers and.

Sometimes a doctors appointment and a dose of antibiotics are necessary to really kick the crud but in the meantime take a look at our list of the 5 best vocal remedy products that can provide you some relief so you can get back on your feet and back on the stage. The qualities in Peppermint tea reduce phlegm production without drying your voice out so its perfect for singers. 2 a complex starchy carbohydrate such as whole grain bread brown rice or potato not much butter and no sour cream.

Organic Throat Coat tea daily. Peppermind tea s excellent for reducing bloating and phlegm. If you have a cold peppermint tea has more anti-inflammatory properties.

Phlegm is every singers enemy because it sticks to the back of your throat and you have to clear it while you are singing. Caffeine and milk in tea are not recommended. Licorice root tea makes a protective layer on the vocal cords.

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A singers meal would be balanced in 1 lean meat chicken fresh fish eggs or a high quality vegetable protein such as tempeh or tofu. Warm water or herbal tea is best Whats Soothing To The Throat Licorice tea or candy experiment with this some people get an uncomfortably speedy buzz from licorice baking soda or salt water gargles see below honey sugar lozenges steam certain herbal teas — which teas to drink varies from person to person so experiment. The next day take out the spices and ginger heat and enjoy.

Some of the best teas for singers are herbal teas wild white moss honey and lemon tea and much more. Drinking herbal teas such as green tea or liquorice with some good quality Manuka honey for sweetener or lemon for zest is best. Although there is no particular singers tea if you sing professionally then youve likely heard of Throat Coat Tea.

Peppermint is a warming singers tea. First this type of tea doesnt contain caffeine which maintains balanced blood-sugar levels. Peppermint tea is the best herbal tea to use if you suffer from a lot of phlegm.

This tea moisturizes your throat. You can add a teaspoon of honey to sweeten the flavour and this also helps to create a smooth coating on your throat. While most people are not a fan of its taste it is still a very good drink for singers due to its protective qualities.

The tea will last up to a week in the fridge. Licorice root tea when ingested makes a protective coat on your vocal cords protecting them from strain and dehydration. The best teas for the singing voice are the ones that hydrate and lubricate your vocal cords like the throat coat tea and the lemon tea.

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Herbal all the way. Staying hydrated is critical for singers. Boil hot water and fill your mason jar to the top.

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