Strawberry Toaster Pastries 6 pk. HOT Chili Flavor Refried Beans Rice K H C 130 EA 5940 Sevilla 8 oz.

Keefe Packaging Keefe Group

53 Moon Lodge 6 oz.

Cactus annie refried beans and rice. Peanut Butter Squeezer SQUEEZUMS 2 oz. 106 Velveeta Spicy Cheesy Refried Beans. 111 Cactus Annies 8 oz.

Keefe Supply Company Keefe Kitchens 7525 Brown Rice 65 oz. February 7 1994 Mexican food products non-frozen namely processed peppers Owned by. KEEFE GROUP LLC Serial Number.

Flour Tortillas K C R H 195. These include private-label products such as Keefe 100 Colombian coffee non-dairy creamers drink mixes refried beans and rice as well as name-brand items such as Maxwell House coffee Velveeta macaroni and cheese Frito Lay Cheetos and Doritos Gatorade Kool-Aid and Tang. Peanut Butter 1 each 065 TORTILLAS 85070 Cactus Annies 8 oz.

329 TORTILLAS 5070 Cactus Annies 8 oz. While preparing Mexican Eggs heat tortilla in pan or on grill over low heat on both sides. Lettuce grilled cactus and chicken grilled vegetables pico de gallo rice black beans corn queso fresco tortilla strips.

109 Velveeta 2 oz. Lasagna with Beef in Sauce 295 EA 1721 Rice Beans Keefe Kitchens 65 oz. Keefe Group has developed a full line of securely packaged private-label foods including Brushy Creek Fresh Catch Cactus Annies Market Square Bakery and many more.

HOT Chili Refried Beans Rice K C H 150 9771 Sevilla 8 oz. Good deals on the package menu. Fish Steak in OilGrn Chilies FRESH CATCH 353 oz.

Chili with Beans Hot. 5940 Sevilla 44 oz. Spicy Refried Beans K C R H 225 9783 Sevilla 8 oz.

Whole Shabang Chips. 111 Cactus Annies 8 oz. Choice of 6 homemade corn or 6 flour tortillas.

Hard Cooked Egg NEST FRESH 2 pk Mackerel FRESH CATCH Fillet in Oil 353 oz. Spicy Cheesy Rice. The line complements Keefes other food offerings including Cactus Annies tortillas and Sevilla refried beans and rice according to.

Delicious Recipe :   Cream Of Rice And Protein Powder

Every package is designed to meet the unique requirements of the. 51 MM Peanut 53 oz. No need to crisp up tortilla its ready when hot on both sides.

105 Velveeta Cheesy Refried Beans. Keefe Supply Company. Flour Tortillas K C R H 090 85070 NOODLES 85 Thai Palace 37 oz.

With our secret sauce served with refried or whole beans rice guacamole pico de gallo and sour cream on a side and your. 19 Keefe Kitchens. 83 Sevilla 44 oz.

If you want to be creative you can mix these beans with some tvp or dried hamburger freeze dried corn and some spices to make a top notch burrito. A mix of grilled chicken steak chorizo shrimp served in a lava bowl with grilled onions peppers melted cheese topped. The Molcajete 3 Carnes this is a stone molcajete used for grinding ingredients super heated and filled with my fav meat pork beef and chicken cactus onions peppers sauce and comes with rice beans and fresh tortillas.

Rice Noodles – Chili Flavor C 071 83092 86 Velveeta 3 oz. Small Grab Bag Candy 125. Keefe Kitchens 5880 Pre-Cooked Long Grain Rice Information is obtained from Star-K.

HOT Chili Refried Beans Rice K C H 125 85940 TORTILLAS 84 Cactus Annies 8 oz. Now for the pot of gold. So amazing and such a treat.

VELVEETA Spicy Refried Beans 4 oz. 19 Keefe Kitchens. 54 Moon Lodge 6 oz.

A hot volcanic stone bowl filled with a juicy steak chicken breast grilled shrimp pork bell peppers onions cactus home made salsa and cheese. Refried Beans K H R 200 EA 9783. Cover and set aside.

G 220 EA 1712 Brushy Creek 1125 oz. Choice of half or whole free range chicken boneless 12 hors marinated in house adobo sauce grilled roasted served with side of refried black beans hand made warm salsa rice grilled peppers and onions perfect for sharing please allow 15-25 minutes to be served as is roasted fresh from scratch. The line of flexible pouch food includes more than18 ready-to-eat meals including jerk pork barbeque pork patty and buffalo-style chicken.

Delicious Recipe :   Red Beans And Cauliflower Rice

Brushy Creek 1125 oz. Chili WBeans BRUSHY CREEK 1125 oz. Spicy Cheesy Rice.

Spicy Cheesy Refried Beans K C H 175 89783 Sevilla 8 oz. Blueberry Pastries 6 pk. Peanut Butter Squeezer SQUEEZUMS 2 oz.

Items pictures on our website might now always exactly match the item that is shipped to you. 110 Velveeta 2 oz. VELVEETA Cheesy Refried Beans 4 oz.

Search resulted in 23 products. Also microwave refried beans with a teaspoon of water if beans dry out and rice in separate bowls until hot. Pre-Cooked Long Grain Brown Rice K C R G 210 EA 7525 Sevilla 44 oz.

Purchase a Gift Voucher for the Inmate. Chip Around DECONNA Choc Chip wVanilla Ice Cream 5 oz. Sour Cream and Onion Chips.

110 Velveeta 2 oz. Whether youre looking for healthy options Hispanic selections or items that are the right size for jails we have what you need. Macaroni and Cheese K C H 109 84935.

Refried Beans K R H 235 5939 Sevilla Chili Flavor Beans Rice 44 oz. K H 150 2773 Red Beans Rice 7 oz. Flour Tortillas CACTUS ANNIES 8 6 Count 8 oz.

VELVEETA Spicy Beans and Rice 4 oz. The results are near restaurant quality food on the trail. Chunk Light Tuna FRESH CATCH 423 oz Fish Steak in LA Hot Sauce FRESH CATCH 353 oz.

This works best if you can put the bag into an insulated lunch bag or backpacker cozy to help retain the heat. Flour Tortillas CACTUS ANNIES 8 6 Count 8 oz. Cactus Annies Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips 10 oz.

Refried Beans K R H 229 85939 Sevilla Chili Flavored Beans Rice 44 oz. 52 Moon Lodge Stuffed Jalapeno Potato Chips. 20 Toastem Pop-Ups 11 oz.

Delicious Recipe :   Cast Iron Toasted Sandwich Maker Nz

Cactus Annie Nacho Cheese Flavored Tortilla Chips. Keefe 9783 Sevilla Refried Beans Information is obtained from Star-K. Hard Cooked Egg NEST FRESH 2 pk Mackerel FRESH CATCH Fillet in Oil 353 oz.

K H 180 T D 83786 Squeez-Ums 112 oz. 84940 Velveeta 4 oz. Good deals on the package menu.

107 Sevilla Refried Beans. Great tortilla crisp bowl or flat choice of meat with beans refried or black lettuce tomatoes olives cheese sour cream.

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