White – Bakery. Ad Butcher Blocks Cutting Boards.

Colour Coded Chopping Boards Color Coding Types Of Food Bulb

Brown chopping boards – root vegetables.

Chopping board colors and their uses. The BLUE chopping board is used for raw fish only. Using coloured boards helps to minimise the risk of cross-contamination by ensuring that high and low risk foods such as raw meat and salad vegetables are kept separate. The white chopping board is used for dairy products such as the cutting of cheese.

Red – Raw Meat. We have a variety of colour coded chopping board sets available in a range of densities. Using Color-Coded Cutting Boards The colors help you keep track of which cutting boards are for reserved for which types of foods so that youre less likely to cut lettuce on the same board you just used for prepping raw poultry.

Yellow Poly Cutting Boards. Also cutting boards exist in different sizes and shapes and even can be different colors and designs. Sometimes yellow is for raw poultry and blue is for cooked food.

A green color chopping board is used for chopping salads fruits and vegetables. The recommended guidelines from the Food Standards Agency suggest that you should use each colour of chopping board with the following food groups. Sometimes called a fish chopping board blue boards can be used for descaling a salmon or removing small bones in a fish fillet.

Generally a cutting board will give you a strong. Help remind your staff by placing this in your food. A Note on Purple Chopping Boards In the past it used to be only a few colors namely blue red yellow green brown and white.

The Yellow Chopping Board Cooked Meats. Its also a great idea to use separate plates and utensils for cooked and raw foods. Green chopping boards – salad fruit and fresh vegetables.

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Raw red meat such as beef. For that reason using separate color-coded cutting boards for different ingredients is a great way of preventing cross-contamination. The Brown Chopping Board Vegetables.

Green color indicates nature raw health and produce is also green in color. Different colors of chopping boards are used in the kitchen to prevent. Dairy and bread although this is also used as the standard board if other colors arent available.

Fruits and Vegetables. Most of us use it for everything from chopping vegetables to slicing bread for dinner. Raw Fish and Seafood.

The higher density thicker boards will. Red Poly Cutting Boards. Beige Poly Cutting Boards.

The use of colour coded equipment is widely adopted in professional kitchens extending to other. The GREEN chopping board is used for salad fruit and fresh vegetables. Red chopping boards – raw meat.

The Green Chopping Board Salads and Fruits. Most of all KH Ken Hands cutting board are provided with a hand colour coded chart you can put the wall for reference. A GREEN chopping board is used for FRUIT SALAD GREEN VEG and NUTS TIP green anything fresh and fruity What colour chopping board for POTATOES CARROTS or PARSNIPS.

Green Poly Cutting Boards. For cooked foods. Green for veggies and fruits blue for raw seafood red for raw meat yellow for cooked meat and white for dairy.

Cutting Board Color Code use allows you to separate items like fresh produce raw meat poultry and seafood. Green chopping boards are used for fresh fruits and vegetables yellow boards are used for raw poultry blue boards are used for cooked foods and white boards are used for dairy products. Today plastic cutting boards are color coded.

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Ad Butcher Blocks Cutting Boards. Everyone has at least one cutting board in their kitchen. However recently the newest addition to the collection of colors for cutting boards was purple making it seven colors that are used in chopping boards.

A BROWN chopping board is used for all ROOT vegetables. So it is easy to remember this HACCP recommendation in chopping board color coding. Depending on the source of information the color assignment varies.

Yellow – Cooked Meat. Dont use the same cutting board to cut raw meat after it has been cooked. Blue chopping boards – raw fish.

Green – Salads. Raw fish and seafood. Above all the different KH HACCP Cutting Board Colours and their recommended use.

For example a red chopping board has a different use to a green chopping board. In a coloured chopping board system each board is used for a different type of food or food groups. Fast safe and worldwide delivery.

Raw poultry such as chicken and turkey. There are different kinds of the cutting block. The brown chopping board is used for the preparation of vegetables such as root vegetables.

Blue – Raw Fish. Fast safe and worldwide delivery. The yellow chopping board is used for the preparation of cooked meats.

Tan chopping boards are used for fish and seafood while red boards are used for raw meat. This one can be made out of many different materials. This may include preparing salad slicing tomatoes or dicing fruit.

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