Since I purchased a giant belly I used both methods. Dry Cure Bacon Calculator.

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Apply the dry cure mix evenly on all sides of the pork belly.

Dry cure bacon calculator. I use the cure calculator that is found here. Sugar Desired. Customizable wet and dry equilibrium or EQ cure calculators for making homemade bacon.

Process of Equilibrium Curing Bacon. Plug in 10 or 20 pounds as weight then calculate the ingredients. Dry cured bacon calculator finalxls 23k xls file BASIC DRY CURE PROCEDURE USING CURE 1 Instacure 1 Prague Powder 1 Pink Salt any cure with 9375 salt and 625 Sodium Nitrite by weight First thing you want to do is make a cure mix using the amounts of Cure 1 and salt described in the calculator for the lb weight of bellies you wish to cure.

Your Own Dry Cured Bacon Regional Food Australia Archive Wild Boar Bacon Recipe Home Cured The Greedy Ferret Customizable wet and dry equilibrium eq cure calculators for bacon bacon cure calculator local food heroes adventures in bacon making homemade batches 1 2 homemade bacon making a comprehensive guide biafg. Parts Per Million PPM Nitrite. Mgkg is also referred to as PPM parts Per Million.

2 Mix the cure ingredients into the water and submerge the pork belly. Enjoy The easy way is to make up some basic dry cure. This cure calculator allows for precise calculation of Cure 1 when making comminuted products such as sausages.

Using metric because its easier Sea Salt 20 x 900g. Dont lose sleep about the curing times. For instance if you have a 2 lb 900 gramspork belly to make bacon.

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Place the pork into a Ziploc bag or vacuum-seal and refrigerate for 21 days flipping occasionally. Salt Desired. Place in Fridge for Curing.

As mentioned accurate kitchen scales are a must for this most scales go to 01 oz or 1 gram or 03-06 oz or 3-5 grams. Insert the weight of the meat into one of the EQ calculators links on this page. Apply cure inside a Bowel.

Input pork belly weight and desired sugar and salt percentages. I prefer to dry cure bacon rather than wet cure it in a brine. You may also hang the bacon to dry for a week or so at the temperatures below 40F to improve shelf life and intensify flavor.

Took some time and made 20 pounds of bacon. You may have to choose skin onoff and US or EUR. Calculate Equilibrium Cure Calculator Tool Accurately Use Scales to Measure Out All Ingredients.

Grind the SaltSpice Cure to a Fine Powder. EU US Neither If you have selected Neither how many mgkg nitrite do you want in the bacon. This isnt accurate enough if you want to get into EQ meat curing.

Amounts above 250 mgkg will not be calculated. Mgkg Does the meat have its skin on or off. Start by combining ½ cup of salt ½ cup of brown sugar 1 TBS of black pepper and 1 tsp of Insta-Cure 1.

In these products Cure 1 is added directly to ground meat. I weigh each hunk place each hunk on a piece of parchment. Gm Are you curing to US or EU regulations.

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Weigh the boneless meat in grams. The grain size is. So here is my methods are broken down first equilibrium curing bacon then brining.

Cure 1 contains 625 of sodium nitrite and 9275 of salt. Cure 1 Nitrite. Use pickling salt and white sugar if your going to store the dry cure.

Place Inside Bag and Remove Excess Air. American standards permit 156 parts per million ppm of sodium nitrite to be added to ground meat. This amount of Insta-Cure.

Always comes out wonderful. So for a piece of supermarket belly like ours about 1½ 39mm inches deep that s going to be 3 days 2 days 5 days total. You will notice that all weights are in grams it makes it easier to figure the quantities precisely on a scale.

The standard advice is to cure the meat for 1 day for each ½ inch 13mm of thickness plus two days. Remove from the bag slice cook and enjoy. Total Weight of Boneless Meat.

This will store well in a closed container. To convert pounds to grams just know that there are 4535 grams in a pound. STEPS for DRY EQ CURE.

The calculator will compute the suggested amounts of salt sugar and cure per the weight of the meat. For the dry cure I prefer to use honey and brown sugar to punch up the sweetness. Basic Dry Cure Bacon.

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