Season to taste with salt. Perhaps in old times it is to celebrate the harvest of all those goodie grains beans and seeds.

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Put the rice and water in a claypot or pot.

Eight treasure porridge benefits. Its made of beans grains and some Chinese herbs. Chinese Yam can help lower blood sugar and blood pressure sooth mood and get better sleep. In many regions of China this dish is served on the Laba Festival腊八节 la ba jie lah bah dzyehand is called Laba Porridge腊八粥 la ba zhou lah bah djohon that day.

It is a tradition to eat Eight Treasure Porridge. One of the famous Health Foods in China is Eight Treasure Congee or Eight Treasure Rice Porridge. It is the simplest way to enjoy all those extremely healthy nutritious mother natures superfood ingredients.

So it is also called as Laba congee. 14 cup Mung beans. Today marks the starting of December according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

Bring the porridge to a boil and simmer for 20 – 30 minutes. The ingredients used are nutrient-rich good to our body. Slow cooking with water turns nutritious grains legume and seeds combination into a smooth gooey melt in your mouth magic.

Now we are not limited to 8 ingredients treasures just use what is available around the kitchen and it will still taste delicious. Healthy eight treasure congee also known as mixed congee eight treasure porridge is a conge used to celebrate Laba festival. Traditionally served during a Chinese festival its nutritious comforting and easy to make.

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40 g dried Longans. Its a perfect side for a. 14 cup Red beans.

It is a good winter dish which helps for keeping warm. Cooking this Ba Bao porridge. Eight Treasures Tea or Ba Bao Cha is a renowned Chinese herbal tea beginning from Yunnan China.

The imperial and encouraging sounding 8 treasures allude to the 8 ingredients utilized and the tea is said to be Empress Dowager Cixis mystery formula for magnificence life span and energy. Oats contain calcium phosphorus iron zinc manganese and other minerals to prevent osteoporosis and prevent anemia and the various vitamins it contains can improve blood circulation and relieve life stress. The Eight-Treasure porridge in Chinese 八宝粥 Ba Bao Zhou wouldnt sound strange to many of you in Asian countries.

Despite being over 105 degrees and muggy in the desert southwest right now this congee is providing the perfect fuel without creating excess internal heat. It is very nutritious easy to chew and very easy to digest. Eight treasure congee is made with whole grains nuts and dried fruits.

Eight treasure porridge is a popular breakfast item in China. It is commonly available from street vendors and small restaurants throughout. There is a Summer Eight Treasures Congee and a recipe that would be used during the other seasons.

Simply soak and wash the ingredients then pop them in a large pot. 12 cup glutinous rice. Milk tea becomes eight treasures porridge new business model new consumption habits many drinks are trying to seize the market at this time of the milk tea industry it can be said that a hundred flowers are blooming a hundred schools of thought contend a hundred birds are flourishing.

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Stirring occasionally or every 10 minutes. The thicker the same amount of oatmeal the better the health effect. Moreover it can help to relieve the unease of sore throat and is good for keeping fit due to the abundant nutrition.

And nourish our bodies from inside out to prepare for the harsh winter. Best of all its very easy to make. Let it stands for 3-5 hour.

Eight Treasures Porridge 八宝粥 ba bao zhou pronounced like bah ball djohis a Chinese sweet recipe made from many grains nuts beans and dried fruits. 125g eight treasure rice washed and drained 15 litre water salt to taste Method 1. This is an auspicious Chinese food for many Asians symbolizing eight kinds of good treasure including wealth and health to be brought to one.

Ba Bao Zhou or 8 Treasure Porridge is a traditional sweet Chinese dessert. The Summer Eight Treasures Congee shown above is the perfect blend of ingredients. Thus a perfect health food.

The eight treasure porridge is a traditional Chinese breakfast which is usually a combination of 8 or more different kinds nuts beans dried fruits and sticky rice. For people with the constipation Eight Treasures Porridge helps them absorb more water to release the symptom. It is good for the young and old those who are weak or have a sensitive digestion.

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