Move in at the Right Time. We all want a fresh start and happy beginnings even though most of the time we tend to resist letting go of the old.

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Cheng Day Cheng means accomplishing in everything Horse Day 6th day of a lunar month Ecliptic Day a day good for everything and San He Day a triple harmony day shall be selected as the lucky day for moving.

Filipino tradition in moving to a new house. When you move to a new house always enter first with a loaf of bread and a new broom. The tradition of bringing in a container full of rice before bringing anything else into the home represents the occupants never running out of food throughout their stay in the new house. For me it isnt superstition.

It is a tradition a reminder of who I am and where I am from. This is said to bring good luck and prosperity to the household. Do choose an auspicious moving day.

The same is said about moving to new house as there is no change more significant than actually relocating to a new environment altogether. If they would have to move out to a new house the homeowner will be asked to throw some coins when he opens the front door. Filipinos scatter plenty of coins around the living room of their new house upon arriving.

Lighting a candle in your new home is an age-old transition said to bring light and cast out darkness. The practice also symbolizes bringing good fortune and wealth for the occupants. Asking the spirits to protect you and your new property is a common tradition when moving into a new home.

In the Philippines when youre moving into a new place you might place coins in the corner of every room to bring financial good fortune. This practice is said to bring in prosperity. Philippine customs run deep and it is no different when a person or family is about to move into a new house.

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In fact Jones said the company she works for had a contract with a Filipino landlord who did the ritual in every property. Whether its a guardian angel or a protective spirit having a superpower to watch over your home and your family is certain to bring you confidence and ease of mind. These are just few of the traditions and customs that we follow before moving in on a new house in the Philippines especially if you live in a rural area.

Filipinos say taking rice and salt to a new home brings prosperity. Why you may ask. My family rented and moved three times before we could afford a house that we called our own.

Otherwise it is believed that bad spirits will be attracted to inhabit the place. Here are some of the Filipino superstitions I stumbled into. Bayanihan house-moving tradition of the Philippines.

Respecting old traditions that many people told us are not practiced so much anymore. In fact the customs begin even before the house is even considered for purchase. Its house moving day and we are doing it the Filipino way.

Unlike in the States where kids move out when they reach legal age the Filipino people will stay with their parents as long as possible. One tradition is to have the place blessed by a priest while others invite relatives and friends over and pray over the. Many Filipinos have their own version of clearing the space in a new home.

The first things that must be brought inside the house are salt rice and coins. Move into your new home on a Thursday considered by some to be the luckiest day. VOVWORLD – When we think about moving house we picture the search for a new house or apartment packing belongings and moving furniture.

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Another known superstition when it comes to moving in a new home is scattering coins in the living room. The ancient practice of feng shui can help in releasing the old energy and inviting the new. At the same time a lot of Filipinos believe that the first ever thing you should bring to your new home is rice which is a symbol of abundance for some.

Transfer to your new home no later than six in the morning during the new moon to ensure fortune in your new home. That is unless everyone else is moving on a Thursday which will make getting a van pretty difficult. When moving into a new house always bring a new broom and never the old one.

Coins on New Home. After the ceremony everyone would gather for a meal which would usually include lechon roasted pig and puso hanging rice. It is important to choose an auspicious day for moving into the new house.

Wednesday July 19 2017 165810. Bring a new broom. They believe that doing so will attract wealth and prosperity and they make it a point to throw the coins going inwards to every corner of the room as a symbol of money entering the home.

Moving into a new home often means a new beginning. While seemingly complex feng shui rituals for moving to a new house are actually easy to do and a few basics can help you achieve the right balance for your new home. Never bring an old broom into the house.

While this is not entirely superstition but rather a religious tradition many Filipinos practice having their new home blessed by a priest or a pastor before or upon moving in. For instance many people in the Philippines will not buy a house that is directly at a T intersection because it signifies that you will always be pushed. If the previous owners have been kind they will have left some bread or rice depending where you are in the world and salt behind for you.

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