The above list of ingredients and measurements are taken from the golden paste recipe by Doug English. 250 500ml water.

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Chose healthy oils such as virgin coconut to virgin olive oil.

Golden paste recipe uk. Stir in oil and black pepper until thoroughly incorporated. Use in smoothies golden milk warm up a cup of milk stir in 1 teaspoon of the golden paste pinch of cinnamon and a heaped teaspoon of honey add 1 teaspoon to whipped up eggs before frying add to curries or as an addition to a salad dressing. 1 12 tsp freshly ground black pepper.

This golden paste recipe is very versatile and can be customized. Add in ground pepper and fat of choices and combine well adjusting the water or turmeric qualities as needed. Add more or less fresh or ground ginger to taste.

How to Make it The way to make golden paste is incredibly easy. 1 to 1 12 cups filtered or spring water. Golden milk or golden tea a super healthy drink that can help improve your health.

Store the golden paste in a glass jar for up to 2 weeks in the fridge. Golden paste can be added to smoothies stews or curries yogurt milk and soup. Heat 1 cup of almond milk on low heat.

Store in a tightly lidded glass jar in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks if made with olive oil or up to 5 weeks if prepared with coconut oil. Add powdered turmeric to a pan with water and reduce on low to medium-low heat until it begins to form a thick paste. Remove from stove and cool hot paste until warm.

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In a saucepan put turmeric powder and 250 mls of water and heat over a low heat. An easy recipe for golden paste that keeps well in the fridge. 14 cup organic MCT oil or ghee Directions.

Down below youll find the detailed recipe but in short all you really have to do is mix the water with the powder let it simmer for a moment and youre done. Save the remaining water in case you need it to thin your paste a bit. Mix in 1-2 teaspoon of golden paste a pinch of ground or fresh ginger ½ teaspoon of ground cinnamon if your golden paste doesnt contain cinnamon.

For humans and animals. 12 cup organic turmeric powder. Mix water 1 cup with turmeric powder in a pan and slowly heat it up and stir for 6-10 minutes until you get a thick paste add the additional ½ cup water if it is too thick.

Amazing how thousands of years ago they figured that out without double blind trials. Below is an easy-to-prepare Golden Paste recipe plus 7 different ways to use it in foodAlso some thoughts on dosage. Mix the turmeric with 1 cup of the water in a pan.

This recipe for turmeric paste for golden. 15 teaspoons ground black pepper 70 ml cold pressed Extra Virgin Coconut oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Golden Paste Recipe Ingredients.

You can add honey or maple syrup directly into the paste. Allow the paste to cool. Add black pepper and oil and continue stirring until all the ingredients are fully mixed in together.

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Sprinkle in additional flavors like cinnamon or nutmeg. How to Make Golden Paste Ingredients. And dont miss the scientific reason black pepper is added to make turmeric highly bioavailable.

70 ml cold pressed Olive or Coconut oil Adding fats is another way to increase the absorption of turmeric in the body.

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