Homemade Hot Blue Formula Original Post Courtesy of Blair Emory my comments in brackets – KM All bluing is really blacking. Gun Blue Meth Instructions.

Ice Chest Meth Recipe

Gun blue is selenium dioxide.

Gun blue ice recipe. They are usually less abrasion resistant than blacking and perforce are thinner to give the blue refraction. Gun Blue Bucket String Meth. Quite toxic and can not be used inany way to make meth.

It has a similar firing pattern to the Flamethrower but has a much longer range fires through blocks and works in water. String Dope Pictures. Gun Bluing Charcoal Ammonia Route.

Clean the metal then boil the parts for around an hour until you get the color you want. Gun Blue Bucket String Meth. Feb 8 2015 how to make meth easy.

String Dope Recipe Instructions. The Clentaminator is generally the fastest means of spreading or removing Hallow Corruption and. Gun bluing charcoal and ammonia march 30.

Ice Chest Meth Recipe Jul 10 2006 using a 48-qt ice chest go out and buy 6 40oz brown beer bottles. How to make meth out of charcoal and gun blue. Gun Blue Ice Recipe Gun Bluing Meth.

Break up several pieces of coal or charcoal. Best ammoniacharcolgunbluemeth recipes BigOven. It uses Solutions as ammunition with each Solution spreading a different biome.

What do you mean man are you saying the ammonia isnt mixed in with the charcoal and gun blue. String Dope Ingredients. Gun blue is selenium how to make meth out of charcoal and gun blue.

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Ingredients for gun bluing selenium crystals meth february 1. The blue shine is due to additional chemicals such as manganese that are added to the mix. Make sure that you are following the directions specific to your ice cream maker.

Gun Blue Bucket String Meth. Using eggs in this recipe gives a yellow hue to the ice cream and if you are using real bubblegum the pink. Meth recipe charcoal gun bluing 2009 anhydrous ammonia meth recipe.

Gun Blue Ice Recipe shake n bake method using a fire extinguisher magic sauce recipe flame broiler students reference book 4thgrade unit9. The very concept of gun blue meth is soridiculous that if you even have to ask you shouldnt beconsidering it. In a glass gallon jug 2 inches white charcoal 2 inches ammonium nitrate 2 inches number 7 or 9 gun bluing all in that order place glass strip in top of gun bluing run strip to top of jug set jug in closet in dark for 72 hours then pull glass strip out gently it will have white residue growing on it lay it out on glass under soft white light for 6 hours 95 percent hitler dope be careful witth it ps white charcoal is.

28052006 Â can ice be made with charcoal gun blue and amonia the ammonia method is the one most universally in use both in making cakes of ice and. Rinse the part with water to remove the excess acid solution. Remove the steel from the pot then oil and clean.

25 Aug 2009 Every meth recipe is dangerous but in this one i been doin meth prolly three years on an every day basis. Id be pleased if this cut down somewhat anything. Another option for bluing gun parts is to use a blowtorch instead of a hot salt solution.

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Gun Blue Meth Instructions. Stump remover with potassium nitrate can be used to blue your gun on the stove in the kitchen. Easter Bunny Dope Recipe.

Mixture of two tablespoons each of ammonia bluing and. Gun blue ice recipe The gun bluing pickle jar 48 hour method Show me the fish tank method for making ice Cold cook method step by step How to grow Mexican ice Cold cook method step by step PDF Cold cook recipe How to make clear shards Peanut butter crank recipe. And came across a ton of meth recipes which is sickening.

Ammonia and activated charcoal in a dark tank for 30 days with strings. How To Make String Dope. Gun Blue Ice Recipe.

Yea i lost a lil weight but im 2009-08- 30 195250. Gun blue meth recipe. Family member with activated charcoal gun bluing.

Dip or soak the part until it is dark blueblack properly prepared metal only requires a few seconds contaminated metal may take longer. The Clentaminator is a Hardmode tool which can be used to create or destroy biomes. String Dope Proof.

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