Step 2- Stain wood if desired Step 3- use a quick drying finish to fill the pores. The sanding after rubbing with oil was to fill the pores in the wood.

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Set aside for 30 minutes and then wipe off.

Gun stock oil recipe. With an oil finish if you wet sand the coats with oil it forms a slurry that acts as a grain filler and helps smooth out the finish. Alkanet root in dried form and boiled linseed oil. I cut my ticking into strips and with my finger slather the strip completely and very generously on one side roll it up and nuke it just enough to melt the oil well its really more like a paste Take it out and gently wring it back and forth a bit so the oil is pretty evenly distributed.

Then mix the Red Oil Linseed Oil Copal and Turpentine together this is my version of the traditional finish oil which you should store in a screw top bottle now its shelf life is up to about two years and the reason for this is the oils and resin are contaminated with vegetable matter particles ie. We make the best penetrating oil and wax finishes for your wooden gun stocks. Simply put the dried root in a jar and pour on linseed oil until it is covered then.

When it is ready pour off the oil leaving the root behind bottle the oil and you are ready to go. As additional coats are added the oil will build up in layers on the top of the first hardened oil layer so that in the end you end up with an oil varnish finish on the surface. 4 Place in a warm and dark place for a couple of weeks shaking every couple of days and opening.

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Final light sanding with 220 and 280 grit paper. The object of oil finishing is threefold. I just wet my finger with the oil and rubbed it in.

The aim is to have a thin film of oil covering the wood whilst leaving as little residue on the stock as possible. An oil varnish blend on padauk is a recipe for trouble. 1 part Mineral Spirits paint thinner is fine too 1 part Boiled Linseed Oil BLO 1 part Satin Polyurethane.

All you need are two ingredients. I also will often use less and less BLO with each successive coat. The natural oils in the padauk will prevent the oil-based finish from drying properly.

You can buy 100g of alkanet root chopped and dried from wwwthesoapkitchencouk for 360 and linseed oil is available in most hardware stores. I have followed this thread and applied your techniques to my walnut gun stock. 1 Chop the root up finely.

To add more shine to the finish we can add more Linseed Rubbing Oil. After rubbing in the oil I sanded with 400grit wet and dry paper. Just use enough oil to cover the stock.

This is my standard formula. Then rub it evenly with the palm of your hand following the grain of the wood. Get out a sealable metal container and mix the following.

And two Artists colours I mix in varying proportions for every other occasion Vandyke Brown and Red ochre in oil water or Alcohol. For outdoor uses you can substitute spar varnish for regular polyurethane. When your stock is papered-up you will need to raise the grain by wetting your hand and rubbing a light coat of water over the entire stock then pass the heat gun over it and dry it offThen rub it lightly with fine wet dry paper to remove the fibres that stand up.

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It is simple to make. If you are looking for that classic antique rich hand-rubbed look on your rifle than these are the finishes for you. You may also send us your mail at PO.

The finishing procedure is the same. You can modify it in many ways. The english gun trade soak the dried roots in boiled linseed oil and probably a little turpentine to get the color.

Spar Varnish this is a processed Tung nut oil popular in the USA for stock finishingTurpentine. 3 Add sufficient boiled linseed and GENUINE not substitute turpentine mixed in a ratio of 51 by volume to cover the chopped root and seal the jar. The Alkanet making things a little unpredictable you arent going to live for ever and Damascuss finishing oil is no.

Step 1- Sand the raw wood smooth 120 to 180 grit paper will do most of this. Wwwvintagegunscouk No apology but I suspect many SD members will now be absorbed for the next several hours – no worries cos the forecast is lots of rain. The key to getting a good finish is not so much the product that is used but how it is used.

Adding Boiled Linseed Oil to the mix makes that problem even worse. I stripped that off and rubbed 4 coats of boiled linseed in. After applying many thin coats of the oil they wet sand the wood to fill the pores then hand rub multiple coats a combination of the oil and a hardener also tinted with the root.

Have applied 4 coats of BLOTurps a 7525 mix so. Box 97 – 500 Main Street – Philomath Oregon 97370. I then left for a few days to dry and then repeated the process.

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After the rottenstone rub procedure and the stock has set for 4 days you can apply a thin coat of Rubbing Oil on the stock. Diggory Hadoke provides recipes and instruction for making gun stock oils. The traditional way to do this is with what gunmakers call red oil.

2 Put the chopped root into a glass jar with a lid that seals well. If you really want to spite the manufacturers a common recipe for home-brewed oil finish is to mix equal parts of boiled linseed oil turpentine or mineral spirits and plain oil-based gloss not satin varnish or spar varnish spar includes some UV inhibitors. Apply a very small amount of oil just enough to cover the tip of your forefinger onto the stock.

We make an artisan product that is all natural non toxic and delivers exceptional results.

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