The next day dissolve the sugar in 4 pints of hot water and add to the bin of damsons. Pour over the fruit 2 pints of boiling water stir well crushing the fruit gently.

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Add the sugar and stir until completely dissolved.

How do you make damson wine. Wait another 24 hours then sprinkle the sachet of yeast onto the surface of the mixture. Allow to cool to room temperature. Obviously I said yes and Ive got 450g of damsons nestled in the freezer waiting for the gin to arrive from Ocado.

When cool add a good wine yeast and yeast nutrient. Put into a fermenting bin and crush. Heres what you will need to make some tasty Damson Wine of your very own.

Give your plums a good wash in water discarding any that are overly bruised or moldy. Basically all you need to do is put the damsons sugar and Gin into a demijohn and wait for a few months for the flavour of the damsons to come out. Method for Dry Damson Wine Recipe.

The recipe can also be used to make damson vodka. How to Grow Damsons. Cover and leave to ferment for two days stirring daily.

Fermentation takes roughly two to three weeks to complete fully but the initial ferment will finish within seven to ten days. Bottle up a taste of autumn with our homemade damson gin. Add water preferably warm 77-86F 25-30C and stir it thoroughly.

When cool add the pectin enzyme yeast nutrient and wine yeast. Remove the stalks from the damsons and rinse. You may need to add a little water to the damsons to help them simmer.

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Mash picked apricots by hands until you get homogeneous mass and then put it into a large container with a wide neck a cooking pot or a bowl. You simpy buy some decent brandy and then add to recently racked damsen wine. Damson Wine Method.

Rinse and pick over the damsons to remove any leaves and stalks then pat dry tip into a freezer bag and freeze overnight. 3 lb Ripe Damsons 3 lb Granulated Sugar 1 Gallon Boiling Water 8 Pints 1 tsp Wine Yeast Yeast Nutrient Pectic Enzyme Directions for Making Damson Wine. This is strangely satisfying to do by hand.

Dont worry if you dont have any equipment you can get a Basic Wine Starter Kit that will contain all you need. Take a sanitised potato masher and begin to mash the damson to release the juices and break down their structure. How To Make Damson Port Homemade Recipe Ingredients.

Damson Port 8 pints gallon Damson Wine 1 pint 600 ml good quality brandy Method – What to Do This is another really simple way to make a warming port. Place the damsons in a wine straining bag in a sanitised fermenting bucket. Wait 12 hours then add the pectic enzyme and mix thoroughly again.

Choose Damsons that are ripe if they arent ripe the wine wont be the best. When cool add one teaspoon of Pectolase. Also regularly damson gin and made creme de cassis creme de more mixed from the enormous glut of blackberries and currants.

The flavour is very intense and perfect for a cold winters. Damson Wine Recipe Ingredients for Dry Damson Wine Recipe. Strain into a demijohn and fit an airlock to seal the jar.

However wine requires a two-step fermentation process. Ingredients for the Damson Wine Recipe. The damsons will break up as they heat or you can help them by using a potato masher to gently squash them against the bottom of the pan.

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Damson jam is delicious and generally you can use equal quantities of damsons and sugar – damsons are high in pectin so you can use normal sugar for the jam if fresh damsons are used. The other method of removing the damson stones from the mix is at the cooking stage. Once cooled add the Campden tablet tannin and yeast nutrient and acid blend and mix thoroughly.

Making Damson Gin is simple. The next day bash the bag of damsons a couple of times with a rolling pin and then tip the lot into a 2-litre Kilner jar. Place the damsons in a fermentation bucket and add the boiling water.

Was delicious but lethal. However when I heard my Dad planned to make some damson jam as well as the damson wine hed planned I took a few extra damsons to give it a go myself too. If you have frozen your damsons then get them out of the freezer ahead of time so they have thawed before you start.

Tastes like supercharged Ribena. I used a river cottage recipe which involved stewing the berries in red wine and sugar then topping up with vodka to store. After the primary fermentation is complete a secondary fermentation is required.

Make sure its not too hot nor too cold so that we do not kill any yeast that are inside. Mix the damsons and the sugar and heat slowly at first to melt the sugar without burning. The flavour matures and improves over time.

Add them to a sterilized fermentation bucket and bash them up a bit with a potato. Cover and leave at room temperature over night.

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