It is only for even sized cake tiers 4 6 8 10 12 14 and 16 and for round or square cakes only. Shop Chef Alans Premium Fillings here.

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This chart helps down and upscale cake recipe quantities and assumes that the recipe you are using is the most common sizeshape which is an 8 inch 20cm round cake and 3 inch 75cm deep.

How much fondant for a 14 inch cake. View Satin Ices extensive information about how much fondant to apply to a cake. Click here to view our full range of fondant icing. Round up to 77.

High 7 x 11 in. As a general guide we allow 15g each of sugarpaste and marzipan per square inch of cake. Getting the perfect amount of fondant on your cake has never been easier.

Why not try these handy marzipan and sugarpaste spacers to help you get the ideal depth for your covering. My recipes assume that the depth of the cake tin is 2 and square to calculate the volume of the tins. The buttercream quantities are what I personally use so if you like a thinner layer of buttercream than 13-12 please adjust your quantities accordingly.

High Cakes Using 3 in. Here is the formula for making cakes a different size to the recipe. Roll out fondant to that size 14 inch thick.

Fill pans 12 to 23 full. The fondant coverage chart below can be used as a guide to determine the estimated amount of how much fondant or sugar paste is required to cover your cake based on the diameter height and shape of your cake. This chart is a good guide to help you decide how much fondant you need to buy.

Using the quantities below should cover the cake to a depth of approx 5mm – the exact weight you use will depend on how thinly you roll the paste. 11 x 15 in. Round Cakes 3 in.

9 x 13 in. For example an 8 inch two-layer cake with two sides each 4 inches equals 16 inches diameter. 6 round 1524 cm 5 square 127 cm 500g.

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Size inches Size cm Approximate Amount. For square cakes use the round quantities below and deduct 1 inch from the round cake chart or alternatively see the cake tin sizes chart above. Measure opposite sides and top of cake across center.

Of course it will vary depending on how thick or thin you roll out your fondant. Cake Size Fondant Amount. View Satin Ices extensive information about how much fondant to apply to a cake.

We also provided examples of pricing for a basic fondant design and a more complex design. 350 is definitely not too high and is probably too low depending on how much you want to make per hour plus profit plus covering expenses other than the food costs. If you find you are using more than the amount in the chart below is.

Glacé icing When making glacé icing add the liquid to the icing sugar slowly as you may need less or more to. Their sizes range for 6 inches to 14 inches. To determine the diameter you need to roll fondant for covering the cake.

54 rows Cake Size. Size Servings Cost 6 inch 1418 portions 45 6 inch drip cake 5-6inch deep 55 8 inch 2832 portions 55 8 inch drip cake 5-6inch deep 75 10 inch 4650 portions 65 10 inch drip cake 5-6inch deep 85 12 inch 6672 portions 80 12 inch drip cake 5-6inch deep 100. With both white and black fondant on it that sounds like a lot of time so thats probably right.

Quantity for a Round Cake. High Pans The figures for 3 in. Which is around 7 a serving based on the serving chart ranges that a 14 cake serves.

14 16 18 14 oz. Size in Inches. 66 rows Fondant Amounts to Cover Cakes.

How do I calculate how much fondant I need for a cake. This amount is just to cover the cake it does not include the fondant you will need for your decorations. I want to emphasise that this is chart is a guideline and not a fixed rule.

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14 tin 14 x 14 x 2 392 cubic inches 16 tin 16 x 16 x 2 512 cubic inches To find percentage difference 392512 x 100 7556. This chart is an approximate guide on how much fondant you need when rolling fondant about ⅜ -inch to ¼-inch thick or 3 mm to 5 mm. Dont forget you will need to allow more sugarapaste if covering.

Use this Rolled Fondant Amount – Ounces by weight Rounds 4 in. Deep and 12 in. Of course this is a generous guide.

7 round 1778 cm 6 square 1524 cm 600g. We stock icing fondant from well known brands such as Menina Renshaw Bakels and Satin Ice. Of course everyone will roll differently so you may end up with some to spare.

Fill pans 12 full. As always you will want to put a thin layer of icing underneath the fondant. Diameter or larger we recommend using a heating core to ensure even baking.

Quantity for a Square Cake. 54 rows Wilton Fondant is available in 24 oz. A round cake is the most common custom cake.

Everyone one works in a different way but here is a guide to how much sugarpaste also known as ready to roll icing or rolled fondant we would use at Confection Perfection. Round Cakes 4 in. A small amount of buttercream is suggested to help the fondant stick to the cake.

The exact amount of fondant required will depend on how thick or thin it is rolled out. Sheet Cakes 2 in. Below you can find the starting prices for each size.

It assumes your fondant is rolled out to be 4-5mm thick and you have 1cm excess fondant all the way around the cake. This will be the base price before decoration. It is for Excel 1998-2014 versions.

Pans are based on a one-layer cake which is torted and filled to reach 3 in. Chart below is an approximation of the amount of filling needed to fill each cake size listed. This calculator gives you an indication of how much you need to buy so you know youll have enough but should prevent you getting carried away and buying far too much.

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8 oz or 80 oz. For any pans 3 in.

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