Use a piece of string to measure the top and sides of the cake then cut the string to the length youve measured. Important to note the exact amount of fondant required will depend on how thick or thin your fondant is rolled to.

Icing Your Christmas Cake The Marzipan And Fondant Layers

Dust your work area periodically with powdered sugar so the marzipan does not stick.

How much marzipan to cover 8 inch cake. Thats how much I use and usually have some left over but its better to have more than too little. There will always be offcuts which may be stored in an airtight bag until required or may be frozen. Dont forget you will need to allow more sugarapaste if covering.

Round Cake 15cm 6 in 18cm 7 in 20cm 8 in 23cm 9 in 25cm 10 in 28cm 11 in Read More. But to get you started here is a rough guide for square and round cakes. Why not try these handy marzipan and sugarpaste spacers to help you get the ideal depth for your covering.

Do I cover the cake as Paul shows in the tutorial with 2 coats of butter cream or do I just crumb coat with butter cream then cover with marzipan. A fruit cake is usually coated with apricot jam before being covered by marzipan then a layer of fondant. Take some ready-to-roll icing which has been kneaded to make it more pliable and dust that with icing sugar too.

Will cover a 9 23cm round cake or 8 square cake. Gradually add the egg whites whilst stirring with a wooden spoon until a stiff paste is formed you may not need all the egg. Roll the marzipan until it reaches the thickness of approximately ¼ inch 3 mm.

This table shows the quantity of Madeira Cake Mix required per cake tin. This can be a bit tricky if youve not made it yet. Youll need approximately 125k sugar paste slightly less marzipan 15k.

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In order to calculate the amount of fondant then youll need to measure the height of your cake. Marzipan Uncooked Method. Add the lemon juice.

Round about 3 in75 cm high 6 4oo g 14 oz. Dont forget you will need to allow more sugarapaste if covering the board – the exact quantity will depend on your method of covering. The amount of marzipan you will need to cover a cake will vary depending upon how thick you like your marzipan to be.

If youre not sure on thickness use spacers 4 or 5 mm about 1 eighth of an inch is perfect. Using our online cakeulator we allow 15g each of sugarpaste and marzipan per square inch of cake when it comes to working out how much you should need. This helps the marzipan stick to the cake Turn the cake upside down onto the marzipan and wiggle it gently so the top is stuck firmly-Trim any excess marzipan leaving a 2cm1in border.

Using the quantities below should cover the cake to a depth of approx 5mm – the exact weight you use will depend on how thinly you roll the paste. These are the amounts of marzipan and or sugarpaste you will need to cover one cake if you are covering more than one then you will need less than the amounts for each cake added together as you will be able to reuse the trimmings. 6 round 1524 cm 5 square 127 cm 500g.

The quantities below are approximate. I would recommend rolling your fondant to the optimal thickness of 3mm-5mm as that provides the best coverage whilst not overwhelming your guests with too much icing to consume. Youll then know how big to roll out the marzipan.

Covering a cake board. For a 6-inch cake I usually roll out around 500 grams of icingfondantmarzipan and then bag up the excess. In the majority of cases you will require more paste than you actually use to efficiently and neatly place it on the cake.

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How much fondant do I need to cover a cake. As a general guide we allow 15g each of sugarpaste and marzipan per square inch of cake. Place your cake on a silicon mold.

This can be used as a first covering for your cake and then add a layer of icing fondant to give you a smooth finish. As a guide if youve made one of my vanilla or chocolate birthday cakes. Repeat the same rolling process used for the marzipan until the icing is about 12cm thick.

An 8 cake needs a 10 or 11 board. 15cm 6in 14cm 5in – 100g 3½oz 18cm 7in 15cm 6in – 250g 9oz 20cm 8in 18cm 7in – 300g 10½oz 23cm 9in 25cm 10in – 450g 1lb 25cm 10in 27cm 11in – 500g 1lb 1oz 27cm 11in 30cm 12in – 650g 1lb 4oz 30cm 12in 33cm 13in – 700g 1lb 6oz How to cover a cake board. The figures are very approximate as every baker has their own preferences plus there are so many other variables like height but were happy to offer them for guidance only.

I will need to cover an 8 round vanilla sponge filed with butter cream with marzipan. It assumes your fondant is rolled out to be 4-5mm thick and you have 1cm excess fondant all the way around the cake. Use a fondant smoother to smooth the surface if you happen to have any air bubbles you can remove them by using a pin to pop any trapped air.

Everyone one works in a different way but here is a guide to how much sugarpaste also known as ready to roll icing or rolled fondant we would use at Confection Perfection. Brush the cake with a colourless alcohol vodka is a good option or. To stick the marzipan to the cake use apricot jam or similar which has been sieved and boiled.

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I have seen that you can use Gin or Vodka to coat the marzipan. Brush the cake with the rest of the jam so the marzipan will stick and leave for a few minutes to set. Roll out icing as far as possible to the shape and size required to cover the cake.

A standard 3 tier cake will usually. 7 round 1778 cm 6 square 1524 cm 600g. As a general guide we allow 15g each of sugarpaste and marzipan per square inch of cake.

For easier decorating place you cake on a board 2-3 larger than your cake eg. Put the icing sugar and ground almondsalmond meal into a large bowl and mix. Marzipan and sugarpaste quantities.

Using the quantities below should cover the cake to a depth of approx 5mm – the exact weight you use will depend on how thinly you roll the paste. Using the quantities suggested should cover the cake to a depth of approx 5mm the exact weight.

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