Because Taiwanese oolong has a curled shape it needs the superior heat retention of clay or porcelain to properly brew. Keep the leaf in the water for the appropriate amount of time.

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If you have a kitchen scale you can measure out 2-3 grams of tea regardless of appearance.

How to brew oolong tea leaves. Wake Up the Leaves. For a stronger brew dont steep longer just use more tea. Keep in mind that brewing your tea for too long can extract undesirable bitterness from the leaves so steeping time matters.

This way you can have quality brewed tea either hot or cold for as many people as you want to serve. Steep the tea. Naturally the best way to brew oolong tea is to get loose leaf tea when compared to the tea bags.

Use one teaspoon of oolong tea leaves or one teabag per cupperson. Leaf-style tea generally infuses more quickly than rolled-style tea. Set a timer for 1 minute.

The leaves are often rolled into balls but will expand to large tea leaves that need a lot of room to steep properly. Pour off the brew tea to strain the tea leaves and either keep it hot in a thermos or chill it to pour over ice later. Cover with a lid to keep the infusion safe from fridge odors.

Bring spring or freshly drawn filtered water to 190. Once you are satisfied with the amount of tea you can go ahead and put it in the cup or teapot. Without a thermometer this can be achieved by letting boiling water cool for about 2 minutes.

Top up with room temperature or lukewarm water. Without this extra heat the curls will take too long to open. This could be around 1-2 tablespoons of Oolong tea.

Oolong tea prepared in a Western-style teapot can be steeped 3 to 5 minutes depending on whether the leaf is semiball-rolled open flat leaf. But oolong is not as tricky to brew as other types of tea so you can go ahead and boil water on the stovetop. Oolongs steeped this way can be re-steeped but they may only yield a second infusion.

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Green tea will brew faster than herbal or oolong tea. Oolong tea tops the list when it comes to showcasing some unique flavors each time you reuse the leaves. Gather all the ingredients.

There are so many varieties of loose leaf oolong tea and the amount depends on personal preference. To prepare oolong iced tea chill the tea by refrigerating or adding ice OR in step 1 use room temperature water instead of boiled water and make cold brew oolong tea. Place Us Two Teas oolong tea sachet in a mug or heat resistant cup and add boiled water to it.

Place Loose Leaf Oolong Tea in the TeapotCup. If the leaves look mostly whole or broken put in 1 to 2 Tbsp 1530 mL. Compost and reuse your tea bags and tea leaves.

Get an appropriate amount of Oolong tea for the vessel you wish to put it in. This is the perfect time to enjoy the aroma released by the awakened tea leaves. A good starting point is to use two grams of tea for every eight ounces 230 ml of water then add more if you find that you prefer a stronger flavor or a deeper richer taste.

Warm up the tea pot with boiling water put about 2-5 grams of tea pour small amount of boiling water into the tea and immediately pour out. When boiled too long the water can harm the taste. Or a long folded leaf.

Fill a kettle with water. You can reuse old tea bags and tea leaves as compost. Oolong is best brewed in 185F 208F water temperature.

Oolong teas like all teas are best in loose-leaf form. Time to Brew 1st Brew. And this is not only the case with oolong tea but with any other teas as well.

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Wait for at least 3-4 hours. 50-60 seconds 2nd-3rd Brew. Fill up the vessel containing the right amount of tea leaves with 100C water and let it brew for about 10 minutes.

How to Brew Loose Leaf Oolong Teas Gong Fu Style. Pour hot water over the tea leaves and wait 5-10 seconds then discard the rinse water. Use cold brewed tea within 24 hours.

Oolong teas are semi-oxidized and it is very important to brew tea in right way. Then resteep your tea leaves as desired. You can use any kind of tea pot but the best taste you will get from clay pot.

Place the oolong leaves directly into your teapot. However the tea is known for exhibiting the best blend of flavors in the second or fifth time. Take a very small amount of hot water about 05oz mix it around the teapot for about 5 seconds and then.

This results in weak unevenly extracted initial rounds of brewing. Use the right amount of tea leaves. Many teas can be resteeped multiple times.

Add 1-2 spoons of tea leaves or one heaped spoon. Refer to our guide above to measure your tea leaves. Taste the tea at 1 minute and.

Place 1 tsp of loose tea leave into your teapot. Keeping this in mind a teapot or large strainer is the way to go when learning how to brew oolong tea. With the Oolong tea in a cup or teapot you can optionally do a step called rinsing.

If the leaves are rolled into wiry strips put in 1¼ to 2 Tbsp 1830 mL. Also you can reuse leaves 6-12 times cherishing great flavor with every reuse or steep. How to brew oolong tea.

For oolong tea we recommend using clay teapots or thick porcelain. Use more tea leaves for a stronger brew. Darker oolongs brew best with water that has just come down from the boiling point.

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When brewing curled. Depending on the particular variety and personal preference the tea may steep between 1 to 5 minutes. Decide the steeping time as per your preference.

For greener oolong teas boil the water then let. Just cover the bottom of the teapot about 7-9 grams or 1 Tbsp.

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