Add the egusi paste and keep stirring for the next eight to ten minutes to form seed-like crumbs. You can have Achi soup and fufu using 10 ingredients and 5 steps.

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To avoid lumpy and sticky Soup please turn it very well inside that your soup bowl even when you put inside your cooking pot.

How to cook egusi soup with achi. Traditional Nigerian Egusi Soup for Igbo weddings. To make di soup. Cook the meat for 15 minutes after that add 1 cup of water to it to cook properly for another 15 minutes.

This achi thickener is an easy quick and very convenient cocoyam alternative in Oha Soup etc. Add achiachi will thicken the soup in about 5minutes. Then add the ground egusi here there is completely no reason to add water or make.

The second egusi soup recipe is very simple to make. Grind the achi or egusi seeds melon seeds add some warm water in it mix well and set aside. Cooking directions for Okazi soup.

Ingredients required to prepare this dish include. Procedure for Cooking Egusi Soup Using the Frying Method. How To Prepare Vegetable Soup With Achi by Sintyani Posted on September 14 2021 Ofe di na nwayi soup how to cook delicious achi soup with a nigerian edikaikong soup how to make.

Season the meat with 2 seasoning cubes onions pepper salt and a little water and place on heat. This article will guide you on how to cook and enjoy the Igbo achi and oha delicacy. Achi soup is a traditional African soup made with a variety of vegetables such as oha leaves okazi leaves ugu leaves bitter leaves and others.

Allow cooking for 30 minutes till meat becomes soft and tender. Bitter leaves soup ogbono soup vegetable soup egusi soup oha soup stew or sauce can all benefit from the addition of achi seed which is dried and ground to a fine consistency. 124am On May 05 2009.

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After about 5 minutes dilute your ogiri locust beans with small water and pour into the pot then stir. Leave to simmer for another 6-8 minutes. Add palmoil and cover to boil.

Stir very well then add directly to the pot turn the soup cover and cook. Cow or goat meat stock fish dry or fresh fish onions peper maggi salt crafish sea food or isam water red oil egusi achi bitter leave. Method of Preparing Achi Soup.

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Cover and cook for about 7 minutes. Leave to simmer for another two minutes then add the Achi mixture.

Cooking Egusi Soup. You can simply cook Egusi soup with achi in 11 ingredients and. You can still follow the same process outlined above.

Add more water depending on how many cupsof egusi you are preparing. How to Cook Oha Soup with Achi and Egusi. Also add the palm oil 2 cubes of maggi salt and pepper dawadawa or okpei.

Add in little cold water Stir the Achi scoop two turning spoons of hot water from the pot on fire. The soup would have a creamy feel and texture and the Achi would have dissolved completely. This is a special Egusi Soup for those who do not like Egusi Soup prepared the usual way.

First cook the assorted meat and stock fish Clean the dried fish and set aside. Add seasoning salt and grated onions to the pot. Set your cooking pot on fire and add 250ml of palm oil red oil allow to heat for a minutes but dont allow to bleach.

Add pepper crayfish ogiri Igbo the ground egusi bitter leaves and palm oil. As is boiling add crayfishmaggi and pepper. How to make Egusi Soup with Bitterleaf.

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Cover the pot and boil for 10-12mins. Wash and cut meat into desired sizes. Wash and combine all the meat and stockfish except smoked fish in one pot.

The only difference is the Achi and in my case I prefer using the Uziza leaves You could take it with either Eba Fufu or Semovita depending on what you want. In a pot over medium heat add meat and water to boil. Mix the ground achi with water till a medium consistency is achieved see video below.

Tasty Food Egusi soup with achi Nigerian Dish. Begin add di stock small-small den set di fire on low heat make e cook. Follow the usual method of cooking this is igbos method.

Now is the time to add your achi thickener. Sprinkle egusi on it and stir very well. Your Achi soup should be garnished with a lot of meats for the soup to be palatable to the eye and to the mouth.

Inside big pot heat palm oil for fire for one minute den add di Une iru. Set your cooking pot on the fire and add 300ml of palm oil red oil allow to heat for a minute but dont allow to bleach. The color this time will be a bright yellow color.

Pour in some palm oil according to quantity of your soup give it a proper stir cover it and allow to cook for about 5 minutes on medium heat. Add the dry fish stock fish once it is soft for consumption. This style of Oha soup is almost the same as the one I just described.

It is prepared with achi seeds and oha leaves. Cover and continue cooking till the soup thickens and has an overall. Blending correctly with the oil.

Boil the meats and stockfish with the seasoning cubes till almost done. Egusi With Achi Soup by FLGators1.

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