Also add the chopped onionsthe pepper ground crayfishstock cube and salt to taste. 150g fresh fishoptional 1 tablespoon of ground Banga Spice Aidan fruitRohojie.

Cat Fish Banga Soup Recipe By Jane Umejei Cookpad

1-2 Medium Dried Fish or Catfish.

How to prepare banga soup with fresh fish. Banga Soup can be prepared using fresh catfish fresh fish. Add small quanitity of pounded yam. Dry or fresh pepper.

Directions for cooking Ofe akwu banga soup Wash season meat with onions pepper seasoning cubes salt and place on heat to cook. After extracting the juice add some hot water and squeeze chaff to extract more juice. Blend your Banga spices if sourced individually and set aside then soak drysmoked fish in hot water to remove dirt and debone.

1 Medium size Catfish or any preferred fresh fish. How Is Ofe Nsala And Banga Soup Prepared. Add some water if it is necessary and cook until the fish is ready.

Cover the pot and continue the cooking till the cocoyam or lumps dissolve. There are lots more blended into. 1000g of Palm kernel extract.

Wash and boil the meat with some salt seasoning and onions. Add the Catfish or your preferred fresh fish and fresh shrimps turn the heat down and leave to cook for 7-10 minutes. Add stockfish to the meat and cook when the meat is almost cooked add iced fish and cook for 10 more minutes.

Blend your pepper and set aside. To extract the palm cream if not using canned palm nut cream wash. See the recipe for Banga soup below.

Wash palm nuts into a pot and add water to cover the. Sprinkle the beletietien leaves into the pot and shake to distribute without breaking the fish. At this point stir the content of the pot quite often.

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Stir and taste for salt. Season assorted beef and dried fish with salt onions seasoning cubes add water and bring to boil till tender. Filter the oily mixture into a pot and add your fresh meat onions pepper and seasoning and cook meat until tender.

Palm fruit or Palm nut extract. Now it is time to take out the fish from the pot. Place the oburunbebe stick in the soup and cook for 5 minutes.

Add your fresh fish at this stage. Meanwhile blend the scotch bonnet pepper and the remaining half onion and add to the palm nut. Please the soup should be watery and not thick.

However ofe akwu is a simple savoury stew prepared with many ingredients and traditional spices anything like beef tripe goat meat assorted meat dried fish fresh fish or stockfish could be used to prepare this gravy soup. Add small lumps of cocoyam bitter leaves palm oil and yellow pepper. Remove meat from the stove and keep aside.

Add fresh fish stock fish and pepper and allow to boil. 2-3 Medium Pieces Stockfish Panla Okporoko 12 Cup Fresh or Smoked Shrimps Optional 1 Tablespoon Ground Dried Crayfish or prawns use Prawns preferably 1 Medium onion chopped. Recipe of the week Edikaikong.

Decant some of the palm oil if you find it too oily. Nigerian Banga soup is a delicious Niger-Delta style palm nut soup very similar to Ofe Akwu Ibo style but they use different spices. 530pm On Sep 13 2010.

Add the palm nut extract. Powdered Banga spices Rogojie Tyko Obunrubebe stick some I know by name. Add salt to taste Uziza seed grinded and utazi Leaf.

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Add Banga spices dried crushed bitter leaves and salt to taste. 1-2 Tablespoons Banga Spice. Add the crushed dried beletientien leaves precooked prawn periwinkles and one cube of knorr.

Leave to boil for 10. 600g of cooked assorted Meat. Stir the soup cover and let it simmer.

Separate meat from stock and reserve stock Place a. Ofe akwu is very easy to prepare and most of these ingredients are easily sourced from the local store or market. Stir cover and allow to simmer for 3 minutes.

After 8 minutesadd the shredded leaves simmer for 2-3 minutes and your Ofe Akwu is ready. How to cook Banga soup. Fresh catfish steaks washed gutted any other fresh fish would work for this recipe too.

How to prepare Banga Soup. At this time palm oil would have settled on the top. Now add the cooked beef the fresh fish cooked stock fish and dried fish.

Ata rodo scotch bonnethabanero pepper. To prepare banga soup boil the palm fruit till soft and then pound in a mortar to extract the palm fruit juice. Add the Banga spice.

This is how to make the popular banga soup that is loved and. 12 cup of cooked dried fishPreferably catfish 12 cup of cooked stock fish optional 150 ml of Beef stock. Add some salt and add the fish back to the pot.

When the meat is tender add the dried fish. Dissolve the palm fruit extract in enough water to cook the amount of rice you need. Cover and leave to cook until the oil begins to float on top of the soup.

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Gently add the pieces of catfish and cook for a further 5 minutes. The soup would have thickened by the time the meat is tender and the fresh fish is just cooked and not scattered in the soup. Tilapia any fresh fish will do.

Stir and Cover the potthen leave to cook for 8 minutes. Let it boil for 10-12 minutes.

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