If you buy boneless serrano ham ideally you will need a mechanical ham slicer although the mini-serrano ham slices beautifully with just a knife. For the bechamel.

Pack Spanish Serrano Shoulder With Ham Stand And Knife

Peel knife of a rigid blade to remove the skin and get the ham around the bone.

How to slice boneless serrano ham. To get regular slices the same thickness youll need to carefully control blade angle and pressure and make parallel cuts. This makes it easier to slice with less waste. Nope Jamon Serrano should not smell bad.

The ham is the same wonderful quality as the whole serrano ham leg but has the added convenience of being boned. Always cover the sliced area with plastic wrap to preserve freshness and moisture. In fact many people prefer to buy ham ready-sliced in vacuum packaging for convenience.

How do you know if Serrano ham is bad. As with the Iberian ham curing process the Serrano hams are buried longer or shorter depending on their weight. To get regular slices the same thickness youll need to carefully control.

The average is around fourteen days. Youre trying to get as close to a vacuum as possible to stop the molecules that give the ham its flavor from oxidizing. Once the legs are ready they are taken out of the salting containers and washed so that they lose all the salt they have left over.

Cut fine almost transparent slices the width of the jamon and 6 to 7 cm in length. These hams are cured no less than 15 months. How to slice a boneless dry ham The first thing we must do is with a small and manageable knife to separate the skin from the rest of the lean this is relatively.

A smaller knife makes this easier. We recommend you slice it well chilled for consistent results. If you want to cut long slices about six inches you just have to make parallel cuts covering the area form the hip to the hoof.

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Slicing knife if a long a flexible blade to slice the ham. Serrano ham croquettes famous throughout the world. Serrano ham croquettes are a success when you have to prepare a meal or dinner for someone special.

Sliced ham is more perishable than whole legs and it. You can slice your Martinez Somalo boneless serrano ham in a meat slicer. Just thinking about how creamy smooth and tasty the best croquettes in the world are it makes my mouth water.

Once you have peeled an area of ham you can start cutting Serrano ham slices. Sliced Ham4oz 115g Each piece is hand selected to guarantee the quality and service of which Redondo Iglesias prides itself on. The traditional curing process takes more than 15 months during this time our hams dry slowly inside the bodegas natural cellarsPresented in a whole vacuum packed piece.

The cut surface should be flat without ridges. Detailed instructions on how to slice a bone-in Serrano ham. Once youve begun cutting into your ham you need to treat the area where the cuts were made slightly differentlyand there are things you can do to preserve leftover slices.

Easy to cut easy to store. From the vertical cut slice down the leg with the slicing knife being sure to make every cut follow in the same direction and follow from the hock to the tip. Sharpener or chiara for sharpening the knife and better profit knifes as well as making better and thinner slices.

First you must carefully follow the cutting directions the most important of which is that you should only cut the ham you plan to eat immediately. If the ham is started a month after receiving it. In this case we advice taking the ham out from the bundle and put it in the ham holder to start slicing it.

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You can also cut your ham into four pieces and vac pac each piece to ensure you seal all of its freshness opening and using one piece at a time. You should cover the Spanish ham in plastic wrap making sure there is no air inside the plastic. Make parallel slices away from the hoof.

If the ham is started just after receiving it. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy Safety How YouTube works Test new. They can even be served as a tapas or an aperitif.

When you start consuming the Serrano Ham Redondo Iglesias Boneless is advisable to cover the area exposed to air with a slice of bacon that was previously removed. Hanging the ham is the perfect option as the ham will be homogeneously aired. Cut ham is far harder to store and preserve so if you want to know how to store your Serrano ham thats the first step to take.

The boneless Gran Reserva Selection spanish ham is the best option to enjoy at home the best spanish serrano ham with no bone nor fat. The first slice should be discarded if the meat has been exposed for some time. The average is around fourteen days.

These cuts should be made in parallel and have the width of the leg of ham and the length should be no more than 4 to 5cm. Serrano Ham Sliced 4oz. As you slice deeper remove the skin and outer fat from the sides.

If you want to cut long slices about six inches you just have to make parallel cuts covering the area form the hip to the hoof. In this case we advice to get it out from the cotton bag and vegetable paper so the ham will breathe better. Slicing Once you have peeled an area of ham you can start cutting Serrano ham slices.

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A bone-in ham can last for weeks if properly cared for. Once you finish making the cuts place the Serrano Ham Redondo Iglesias Boneless in the warmest part of the refrigerator and cover it with a dry cotton cloth.

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