To create a Jager Bomb simply put Red Bull in the bottom half of the Quaffer and Jagermeister in the top half. Marked out for perfect shots every time 25ml for the shot and 60ml for the chaser these are sure to make absolutely any function go with a bang.

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These plastic Jager Bomb shot tumblers are the perfect glass for serving the popular drink Jagerbombs.

Jager bomb cups uk. These disposable Jagerbomb shot cups offer you perfect practicality with their disposable non-shattering Polypropylene construction. Ideal for increasing your speed of service whilst providing your customers with an unforgettable experience keeping them coming back for more. The Outer Cup for Red Bull or Mixer ideal serving would be 40-80ml.

50 X Bomb Shot Cups CE Marked Clear 25CL Sealed Pack Sleeve Recyclable Bomb Shotz Polypropylene Crushable Jagerbomb Ideal for Redbull Jagermeister 46 out of 5 stars 199 695. Previously the alternative for serving drinks of this. 50 x Strong Reusable Jagerbomb Glasses Plastic Bomb Shots Bomb Shot Glasses UK.

CE marked 25ml Shot – Cup has a 25ml inner shot glass for your j├Ąger or spirit. Specifically designed for Jagerbombs. 150 Reusable Shot Cups Jager Bomb Glasses Coloured Plastic Bomb Party Tableware.

Well good news Jager fan – weve found the perfect solution. 45 out of 5 stars 7 7 product ratings – 50 x Strong Reusable Jagerbomb Glasses Plastic Bomb Shots Bomb Shot Glasses UK. Buy the GH830 Jagerbomb Cups on SALE TODAY at 1172 at EasyEquipment Jagerbomb Cups FREE next day delivery Same day dispatch Buy online.

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These reusable CE Marked Bomber cups create the greatest Jager bomb experience ever just tip your head back and watch the liquids mix together perfectly whilst you enjoy the smoothest Jager Bomb around. The Bomb Cups Shop is your number one supplier for Jager Bomb Cups. The actual price 450 flashes up on the till but I pay 4 for four.

Our Jagerbomb shot glasses are made from durable Polypropylene this far more durable than the more brittle Polystyrene varieties available our. For any personalised products your parcel will be sent directly from the manufacturers that help us to create them. If you are having a party running a bar or nightclub or just love drinking Jagerbombs then you need these.

The inner shot compartment is 25ml with an outer capacity of 60ml. Energy drink is squirted into plastic cups and the J├Ągermeister sloshed in with a shot measure. These clever Jager Bomb Cups are specifically designed to hold your favourite alcoholenergy drink combo.

This is a disposable plastic shot glass designed primarily for Jagerbombs mixers and chasers. Improved Formula Improved Price. Designed to hold both the Jagermeister and the Red Bull in one plastic tumbler which saves you using two different glasses in your busy bar and saves your customers having to drop a.

Check out our high quality Jager Bomb disposable cup this cup has. The liqueur or spirit is first poured into the inner compartment. Its also far quicker to use a single glass at the bar.

Economy tracked delivery costs 399 and our Express service is 1500. The big cup has a smaller cup moulded into the middle so youll only ever need one receptacle for your drink of choice. Gather together your drinks and create some crazy chasers.

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Northern Ireland The Channel Islands the Scottish Highlands Islands The Isle of Man. Jagerbomb Cups Chelmsford Essex. Personalised Item Delivery – 500.

Elite Polycarbonate Bomb Shot CE 44oz 125ml – Sleeve of 12 Bomb Cups Jager Bomb Cups Reusable Bomb Shots Plastic Shot Glasses – 25ml CE Shot with 100ml Chaser 46 out of 5. The Bomb Cup Shop. The outer section is then filled with the mixer.

Ideal for Jager Bombs and other layered shots the plastic Quaffer Shot is a sure fire hit for your next party. Using a specific bomb glass results in increased safety no loose shot glasses and a reduced cost per unit for the drinking vessel. The glasses are designed to mix both compartments when consumed.

We manufacture and supply the drinks trade with both CE marked Reusable Bomb Cups and CE marked Disposable Bomb Cups which are perfect for festivals and student events. Do you love a Jagerbomb.

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