This ensures there will always be demand for lamb. According to the slaughter statistics collected weekly from registered abattoirs between 2016 and 2018 Red Meat Producers Organisation 2019 trends depicted in Table 4 show that the majority of lambs slaughtered are classed as A2 724.

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The aim is to equip red meat producers with practical factual information helping them manage successful farming businesses.

Lamb meat grades south africa. Mutton carcasses are graded Choice Good Utility and Cull. Meat carcasses are graded after slaughtering to indicate the age and fat content of the meat. South African Meat Classification Chart.

Click to see full answer. The South African carcass classification System has been in use since June 1992 Agricultural Product Standards Act 1990 Act no119 of 1990 and classifies lamb mutton beef and goat carcasses based on a set of predefined characteristics. 12 Beef in a Box – Grass-Fed.

Meat carcasses are graded after slaughtering. Damage if it occurs is indicated on a scale of 1 to 3 for the areas concerned viz B buttock L loin and F forequarter. There are four quality grades within each class.

View our retail price list for lamb mutton beef pork chicken and other processed products below. Sification and Marking of Meat. Please use percentage points to get your exact price amount for example if the price is R100 per kg and you want to buy for R150 you can just input 15 where it says Weight kg.

Therefore we are able to deliver a superior product whole or portioned to meet the clients requirements. The meat grading systems of mutton and lamb in South Africa are in place to ensure quality meat production. A-grade meat comes from young cattle therefore farmers have to produce a larger amount of young cattle and use the correct type of feed and methods to achieve the correct grade of meat in the fastest possible time.

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The A grade is for lamb which of course is the most tender. The current age grouping in the classification system should therefore remain unchanged namely 0 tooth 1. The best meat sourced from young livestock is graded A and is given a fat score of between 0 and 7 where scores 2 and 3 are optimum.

Age and grading The grade is determined by looking at. Lamb loin chops are more expensive than other chop cuts because they are regarded as the tenderest and tastiest lamb. For example for many consumers a carcass of A2 will be the ideal meat quality.

Red Meat Rooivleis is a trusted source of responsible and effective science-based information to the red meat industry in South Africa. South African lamb cuts and how we cook them. Worn and broken teeth of an old animal A grade.

There are three main groups of grading of meat A B and C grades which are roller marked. The best meat sourced from young livestock is graded A and is given a fat score of between 0 and 6 where scores 2 and 3 are optimum. It is estimated that 30 to 40 of all lamb mutton and beef sold in South.

Retail Price List Per Kg. Meat Brothers uses A2 and A3 for all its premium cuts of meat. Accredited South African Abattoirs use a grading system that is based on the age of the animal and the fat cover.

Whole Chicken Plain Whole Chicken Smoked. The large South African food retailers source substantial lamb and beef from the Karoo and Kalahari he writes. As age of the animal plays such a predominany role on meat quality characteristics age should be included as a parameter in any carcase classification or grading system.

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The B grade is for the animal that has grown out of the lamb age and is medium tender. South African lamb and mutton production is estimated at more than 170000 tonnes of meat annually DAFF 2019. There were only 4 grades for each age group in the grading system Super APrime BTop C with 3 to 7 mm fat A1B1C1 with 1 to 3 mm fat A2B2C2 with more than 7.

The age of the animal is the main determining factor used to determine class in South Africa. It also helps to determine the price of meat and makes it easier for consumers to identify their preferred quality of meat. AAA This code means that the colour of the roller mark on the carcass is PURPLE and means that the meat is from a young animal and is the most tender meat.

For these consumers lamb and mutton represent the major red meat categories as the consumption of beef is forbidden under religious laws. The following are characteristics of meat classification in South Africa. For wholesale prices please contact us or complete our Client Credit Application Form.

Millennium Meat sources top-quality A-Grade Lambs from farmers across South Africa. 2 to 212 to years old 1 to 2 permanent incisors Fatness The fatness for beef lamb sheep and goat meat is classed into codes from 0 to 6. More 2021 South Africa Online Pty Ltd.

The meat grading systems of mutton and lamb in South Africa are in place to ensure quality meat production. One mark on each side of beef carcasses. AAA Blue BBB Brown and CCC Red respectively.

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Accredited South African Abattoirs use a grading system that is based on the age of the animal and the fat cover. 1 maturity 2 lean quality and 3 carcass conformation. The publication also strengthens and builds the RPO brand.

Under 2 years of age only baby teeth AB grade. The factors used in quality grading lamb carcasses are. Free Range Chicken Fillets.

Only one mark on the carcase for lamb sheep and goat carcasses. A-grade meat will naturally be more expensive than class B or C meat. For lamb and yearling mutton the quality grades are Prime Choice Good and Utility.

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