We are going to publish all the names of vegetables in Hindi and English with pictures. There are some Indian vegetables that are consumed in India.

List Of Vegetables Popular Vegetables Names With The Picture My English Tutors Name Of Vegetables List Of Vegetables Vegetable Pictures

Summer season vegetables in India.

List of indian vegetables in hindi. List of Indian Vegetables in English Hindi Tamil Kannada and Telugu. Indian cuisine has stamped its popularity all over the world and while some dishes such as Butter Chicken are self-explanatory others can create a bit of confusion. Recipe Using this Vegetable.

Mag Dhokli an Indian dish made of lentils and fresh dough with Indian spices it is dry and not liquidy like daal dhokli. 15 rows Other Vegetable Names by Various Indian languages. Leafy Greens or Leafy Vegetables are often used to make stir-fried Dry Sabzis in India.

Help your Child recognize and learn vegetables names in hindi thru picturesटमटर आल गभ पयज गजर बगन मटर शलगम. Also read- English Vocabulary with Hindi and English meaning. 100 Vegetables name in Hindi and English list.

Recipes such as Kathal ka Sabzi or Parwal ka Bhujiya may not be known to everyone. 77 rows Name Of Vegetable List Sabjiyon ke nam Vegetable Picture Vegetable English. It has a good amount of body cooling properties and contains antioxidants.

These are the 100 Vegetables Name list with Pictures. Curry of mixed vegetables like surti papdi ratalu potatoes carrot green garlic tuvar dana waal dana etc. Bottle Gourd लक.

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Vegetables Name in Hindi सबजय तज और कचच खदय पदरथ हत ह इनह पककर भनकर फरई य फर कचच भ खय जत ह इनम स अधकतर सबजय ऐस हत ह ज हमर बड क जयद Healthy Benefits दत ह all. A common question asked to me by my friends and collogues is about what certain fruits and vegetables are called in Hindi. Hindi vegetables Chart with pictures.

Indian Vegetable Names in English Hindi Tamil Telugu Kannada. Hindi English Botanical Name.

Bottle gourd Lauki. Rich in oil and spices generally accompanied by puri or roti. Hindi Vegetables Chart हनद सबजय क चरट Basic Vegetables from India.

Some are Indian vegetable names with pictures. Ash Gourd Winter Melon Bitter Gourd. We have added them to the list with English and Hindi meanings.

I hope it makes things easier for you to understand and memorize the vegetables name list. Vegetable Name in English.

You would be amazed to discover the long list of vegetables endemic to India- From Brinjals Drumsticks and Bitter gourd or Karela to many more. Below I have categorized the names according to the types of Indian vegetables available in the market.

Vegetables Name Vegetables Image Bell Pepper. Vegetable Name in Hindi. 84 Indian Gooseberry 85 Indian Water Chestnuts 86 Ceylon Spinach 87 Cape Gooseberry 88 Tindli ivy gourd 89 White eggplant 90 Raw papaya 91 Red cabbage 92 Raw banana flower 93 Black Beans 94 Bamboo shoot 95 Chives 96 Cassava 97 Breadfruit 98 Ginger 99 Kale 100 Olives.

Bottle gourd Lagenaria siceraria known by many other names such as lauki in Hindi also called as calabash gourds. Indian Vegetables Name List. You can eat it as a salad or can prepare any kind of appetizer with it.

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Lauki consumed as a vegetable in India and a super vegetables with list of incredible health benefits in juice form that promotes weight loss heart healthy and. Brinjal Eggplant in English. Cluster Beans French Beans.

The Glossary below is not only an exhaustive list of common Indian vegetables but also a guide to Indian vegetable names in English as well as other vernacular languages. Cucumber is the best vegetable to add to your daily diet in summers. These names of the vegetable are with Pictures which will teach you to recognize vegetables with names.

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