5 pounds of dry pollen sub I have used Mega Bee and Mann lake Ultra-bee both work fine and are top rated in Randy Olivers pollen sub comparison test 25 pounds table sugar. To make what I call sugar cake is pretty simple.

Sugar Cake Recipe Beginning Beekeeping Gf Tv Video Sugar Cake Cake Recipes Feeding Bees

Do not expose bees to cold air for more than several seconds.

No cook sugar patties for bees. Sugar Cake Recipe For Honeybees. 3 parts powdered sugar for example. No cook Pollen Patty 40 pounds.

I form it into Dixie brand paper soup bowls that hold a little over a pound each when packed full. Add a second cup if you want to save space for a bit of pollen patty Place handfuls of the sugar. 14 Nov 8 2015.

Our honeybee essential oil recipe below. 3 tablespoons of Honey B Healthyessential oil mi Option. Make sure to keep stirring it until the sugar dissolves into solution you can see no more sugar crystals.

One Candy Board Frame for a 10 Frame Langstroth Hive. Remove the no cook candy from the parchmentpaper plate and place it on top of the top bars of the hive. Lightly packed into a 7 x11 brownie pan 1 thick.

The last we saw of our big wet bricks of sugar they were sitting in an oven with only the light on. Spread into the foil pans or drop onto wax paper or paper plates and make round sugar mounds. The bees will probably not be able to use it and you will cause more problems inside the hive with excess moisture etc.

— If you need a candy board they can be ordered directly from us at the following link. Then pour 21 sugar syrup onto the dry sugar only enough to wet the dry sugar. It has its own 12 entrance for the bees to come and go as they please.

First you need to make the frame. Slowly add sugar and honey stir until dissolved. Simply add sugar water and a pollen patty.

Bees have enough on their hands trying to stay alive without having to tugpull and shred the wax paper off the patty before they can get to it. Grease Patty Recipe for Tracheal Mite Control 1 part cooking oil. It may give the colony.

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Icing sugar IS used to dust the hives for varroa mites. Add the sugar to the pot. Take a 5 lb bag of white sugar.

If I discovered starving bees crowded over the top bars in any of my hives I would definitely choose this method instead of pouring dry sugar over the top bars. Adding Sugar to the Frame. Bee patty Bring water and vinegar to a boil.

Fill a spray bottle with warm water and spray the sugar until it is moistened all the way through but not overly saturated. Bee grease patties provide some sustenance through the sugar in the recipe but patties also create a slippery surface on your bees that prevent mites from hanging on to their hosts. There are a few methods for making a sugar board.

Coat the bottom of a baking sheet or loaf pan with 12-1 of white sugar. Board fits on top of hive body and underneath the inner cover. If the bees do not eat all the candy board sugar you made with this recipe simply make it into sugar syrup in the spring and feed it to the bees to get them off to an early start before the first nectar flow.

Ten pound bag of sugar 2 cups of water and mix until all sugar is damp. This allows moisture to escape from the hive. Of sugar 3 cups water.

It came out perfect. Youll need to measure your bee hive to make sure the sugar board. Add a candy thermometer to the pot and turn the heat up to medium-high.

Scratchrough up the top with the cappings scratcher air dry under a small fan for 12 hours overnight. No need to worry about making fondant or hard candy. If using a candy mold place the candy board frame on top of an Imerie shim and place the assembly on top of the brood area 3.

Once it begins to get colder highs in the 50s F the colony will not be able to make the best use of the liquid feed. Then place sugar cake on the top of the inner cover. Feeding of sugar water must be completed well before cold weather arrives.

Plain white vinegar optional 1 Pollen patty optional I have found that 16 lbs of sugar is too much for my area in MA. You can buy a candy board frame from our online store if you dont have time to make one yourself. Safflower oil sunflower oil corn oil canola oil Mix well make into 4 – 5 inch diameter patties apply one per hive.

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Candy Board Bee Feeders. The sugar and cornstarch interfere with the mites ability to hold on to the bees fur and it looses its grip and falls off. Mix the water in well.

Placing a small cup on the wire keeps a hole open in the candy. 1 oz of apple cider vinegar per pound of sugar mixed well with a battery drill paint paddle in a 2 gallon bucket. If all the sugar wont go into solution add 14 cup water and stir.

Pollen Patty optional Steps. One of the easiest and safest ways to make a sugar board is by using a no-cook method. The bees then lick each other clean consuming the sugar and corn starch.

The Bee Candy Recipe called for. Bring mixture to 242 degrees on a candy thermometer hard ball. Ill still dump dry sugar over the top bars in the early winter while the bees are down in the hives and out of my way but these no-cook sugar bricks and sugar cakes seem ideal for adding sugar once the bees.

Pour cane sugar into a pan to the desired amount for a single colony. The grease from the coconut oil in the recipe lightly coats your bees as they consume the sugar in the patty thus mites cannot attach themselves securely to your bees. A pollen supplement can be added here to give the bees an extra boost before.

Candy Recipe and Instructions Included. My method is what I call sugar cakesno cooking involved. Morris No Cook Candy Board Recipe Honey Bee Suite No Cook Candy Board Judys Quick Sure-Fire Sugar Patties.

It also allows bees in the hive easy access to the food. Allow to dry and become hard about a couple days. You wont have to worry about getting burned by boiling sugar or even burning the sugar itself.

Do not feed bees sugar water in late Fall or Winter. It looks like Ive got a trilogy in the making because its too cold to slip these sugar bricks in my beehives today. If I used a release agent the bricks would come out of the bowls but I dont bother and just put the whole thing in on the top bars.

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Keep doing this until all the sugar is dissolved. Mix it in a bowl with 75 ounces of water and a few drops of an essential oil mix. In Episode I 12 cups of refined granulated sugar were mixed with 1 cup of water and trowelled into a tin pan with my bare hands.

The pollen patty is not required but many beekeepers who make their own candy boards put anywhere from a 3rd to ½ of a pollen patty on the board. Bees Sugar Candy Board 15 lbs of sugar 4 cups of water 2 tablespoons of vinegar 1 cup of honey or white corn syrup Option.

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