Here is its step by step recipe. Large Sushi Roll platter 80 pcs CA9500.

Alaska Roll Spicy Crab Avocado Topped With Salmon Spicy Aioli Baked Drizzled With Unagi Sauce Mizumtnview No Sushi Recipes Salmon Sushi Homemade Sushi

Party Plate- 15pcs nigiri sushi California Alaska Ninja Spicy Tuna 4 soups – 6595 Pirates Ship – 14 pcs nigiri sushi 14 pcs sashimi Turtle Tornado California Alaska Geisha Rainbow 4soups – 9999 Sushi Sashimi Boat – 25pcs sushi 25pcs sashimi 4 soup – 10000 Sushi House Special.

Sushi california alaska roll. Shrimp tempura wrapped with eel and avocado. Bento Sushi is North Americas second largest sushi brand providing the highest quality packaged sushi and ready to heatmade to order hot Asian food. Spicy yellowtail shrimp avocado cucumber topped with tuna salmon albacore white fish.


SLIDE WINDOW FOR MORE ROLL 2 OF 2 ALASKA ROLL. Sushi Rolls Sashimi Alaskan Roll Salmon Nigiri Chirashi California Roll. Sushi 24 pcs california roll 6 pcs spicy salmon roll 6pcs spicy tuna roll 6 pcs dynamite roll 8 pcs.

Bring to a boil reduce heat to a simmer and cover the pan. Sushi Rolls 8 pcs Showing 112 of 13 results California Rolls. Its made inside-out meaning that the rice is rolled on the outside of the seaweed.

Wash the rice in several changes of water until the rinse water is no longer cloudy drain well and place in a covered pan or rice cooker with 1 cup water. It is made inside-out meaning that people roll the rice on the outside of the seaweed. Fried soft shell crab cucumber avocado lettuce and tobiko.

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Most of the time an Alaska sushi roll can be as simple as a California roll that has salmon on top of it. Alaska Roll California Roll Dynamite Roll Negitoro Roll Chopped Scallop Roll Salmon Maki Beef Teriyaki Roll Spider Roll House Roll 12 order Spicy Tuna Roll Eel Roll Salmon Avocado Roll Wild Salmon Avocado Roll Wild Salmon Maki BC Roll Negihama House Roll Spicy Negitoro Roll JB Roll Dancing Eel Roll Ika Natto Maki Futo Maki 12 order Una Tama Roll SSSR Roll Futo Maki Tekka Maki Red Tuna Roll Toro Taku Maki Ika Mentai Roll Tuna Mentai Roll. California Roll – 450 Crabstick avocado Tuna Cucumber – 450 Alaska Roll – 550 Salmon Avocado Unagi Roll – 600 Fresh Water Eel Kanpai Crunch – 1095 Kani Roll – 400 Crabstick Phoenix Roll – 700 Tuna Salmon Whitefish Tekka Roll – 450 Tuna Sake Roll – 450 Salmon Hamachi Roll – 60 Yellowtail.

A California roll at its simplest is a roll made with sushi rice dried seaweed avocado crab and possibly cucumber or radish according to the Smithsonian. Our philosophy is to provide our guests with the highest quality of service to complement our innovative approach to Japanese cuisine. ALASKAN ROLL-california roll topped with salmon avocado RAINBOW ROLL -california roll shrimp tuna salmon whitefish TWISTER ROLL -cajun salmon jalapeno avocado crabmeat spicy tuna on top with wasabi sauce -spicy-.

Alaska rolls California Rolls Caribbean salmon Rolls chicken rolls crispy rolls dragon rolls Fried Rolls green rolls Hosomaki Rolls nature Oceanic Rolls Prawn Rocket Roll rainbow rolls shrimps roll solti rolls special rolls Specie Tuna. Their most expensive special roll is around 10 cheaper than other places also their portion size is big. Fast service a little cramped if you eat inside.

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We are located at 7060 Kingsway Burnaby BC. Rated 500 out of 5 550 Add to Cart. Share Facebook Twitter.

Sushi 38 pcs california roll 12 pcs spicy salmon roll 6 pcs spicy tuna roll 6 pcs dynamite roll 8 pcs green dragon roll 10pcs. Crab meat Avocado Salmon. A primary California roll is a roll with sushi rice dried seaweed avocado crab and sometimes cucumber or radish.

Offering creative specialty rolls with generous portions. California roll topped with seared spicy tuna crunch wasabi mayo and eel sauce. Oftentimes an Alaska roll can be as simple as a California roll that has salmon on top of it via Nagoya.

Sushi California is one of my favourite local spots for fast cheap sushi. They have a large selection of special rolls at the cheapest prices. Spicy california roll topped with albacore yellowtail.

CA25 for two people approx. Cuisines Sushi Japanese Asian Top Dishes People Order. Tuna salmon crab avocado cucumber wrapped in soybean paper.

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