Mix sugar tomato paste citric acid and 10 liters hot water into your fermenter to disolve all the sugar. 200 grams leggos tomato paste.

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Forget about the expensive yeast nutrients just oxygenate your wash properly and have the temperature between 25 to 30C and youll get from 1070 to 0985 yes 0985 using EC1118.

Tomato paste wash air still. By adding 50 more tomato paste and using 100g of DAP I now get a ferment that finishes in 7-8 days. Welcome to the Birdwatchers also known as Tomato Paste Wash or TPW or Sugar Wash. Your friend is probably using a turbo wash and uses turbo clear.

This smell is caused by Turbo yeast and not a reflection of the Air Still. Wipe the jars carefully with a dampened clean. Learn how to make wine beer cider and spirits at home with.

For two 4 litre runs your wash needs to be 9 litre not 8 litre. Mix about 80 of the water with 80 of the sugar along with all the tomato paste lemon juice and salts. Approximately 1125 kg sugar.

Top up with cool water and hopefully youve got it at about 30c Pitch yeast. In case anyone is wondering whether the TPW will work with an Air Still here is my experience. 250g tomato paste 70g bakers yeast or 15g EC-1118 yeast Add sugar or dextrose and tomato paste to the fermenter.

Yeast90gshould be good to pitch with water temp being 22-32C. Ingredients to make 50 litre wash for example. TPW also includes yeast nutrients tomato paste epsom salts and citric acid.

Tomato paste wash by maheel Sat Aug 25 2012 336 am in my 25L Barrel 5 kg sugar 1 large juiced lemon 120 grams 2-3 table spoons bakers yeast 1 pinch Epsom salt ferment at about 30c i normally leave it 4 weeks before running it as i like it very clear Stripped through a 2 pot still then re-run about 15L of 40 through my boka 2 on 2200 50L keg. Make sure everything is cleaned and sterile. I think it will taste like crap though.

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Water tap is okay but fresh spring distilled water etc. 75-8l of water – add about 25 kg sugar – add yeast yeast food carbon. 141g fresh dry yeast.

Sugar inverted with lemon – 2400 g tomato paste – 280 g molasses unsulphured – 50 g Vegemite 40 less salt – 6 g Epsom salts – 2 g calcium carbonate precipitated chalk – 6 g yeast EC1118 – 5 g or GR2 -. Remove any remaining air bubbles by sliding a nonmetallic spatula plastic knife or wooden chopstick inside the jar between the tomato paste and the side of the jar. 4 times through the carbon filter to get rid of the foul smell for each batch.

For an optimal run it will be beneficial to siphon down to the last 3 or 4 inches. Mix thoroughly until everything especially the sugar is dissolved. At the moment it is quite common for a tomato paste wash to take 16 days as its cold.

ΒΌ tsp Epsom Salts. I take the first 700 that comes out of the still about 58-60 which yields about 1 litre of good product at 40 after adding water. Using the Air Still – Making your wash distilling and using essences.

Makes enough wash for two fills of the still. I made a tomato paste wash a la bakers yeast 14 next one is 10 and ran it through the air still this time collecting in jars around 50mL per jar and lined them up. Stir until the sugars have dissolved.

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Ferment if possible for 7-10 days 24-30C though not critical. This wash will clear on its own to a pale pink colour there is no need to for any sort of filtering.

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When siphoning a tomato paste wash also remember the tomato paste acts like a fog and will be in the last two or so inches of your wash. 6kg Sugar 250g Legos No Salt Tomato Paste 14 tsp Citric Acid 100g Yeomans Bakers Yeast Total Cost a Woolworths about 700 It took about 10 days to ferment out. Or else go to the CALCULATOR.

Did sniff and taste test right from these jars right after running and selected the heart of the hearts. Take careful notes from start to finish for future reference. Throw sugar 5kgs tom paste 200g and juice of half lemon into about 10L of hot water straight from the tap.

I just use the Air Still kit which makes about a 9-10l wash. Boiling the yeast and the solid material from the tomato paste can add unwanted flavoring to your final product. Sprinkle yeast on top and ferment at 25-35C When gravity reaches 990 on your hydrometer transfer to the still and run.

Turbo Yeast I have read was developed for rapid conversion and maximum yield of alcohol for the purposes of bio-fuel not a food. I made 28ltrs of wash in a 30ltr Carboy using. Buy 2200L olive barrels and mount a tap.

Tomato Paste Wash TPW also known as Birdwatchers is a basic sugar wash designed for home distillers. The turbo clear makes stuff drop back out quickly. To calculate the exact ingredients go to the Calculator.

Mix around until pastesugars is dissolved through and top with cold water to 25L. Top up fermenter to 27L. If playback doesnt begin shortly try restarting your device.

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To get the basic instructions go to the Instructions. Half fill the fermenter with water. A sugar wash typically contains sugar water and yeast as its primary ingredients.

If you had a pot still or an air still though then running a higher abv wash is going to produce a higher abv distillate same again after a second run.

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