There is a myth that seafood must be paired with white wine but it does not always have to be. Malbec is a medium to full-bodied red wine and thus it begs to be paired with more full-flavored foods.

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Chianti is such a diverse wine with a dry-body that it will not ruin and hide the flavors of the sea.

What wine goes well with italian food. Goose Ridge red wine 2007 Columbia Valley. As a rule red wines naturally have higher levels of tannins than white wines. There are several different.

What wine goes well with steak. Mix it up a bit and explore the flavors. Yet almost all pair well with dry rosé which has the acidity of white wine.

Garlic bread may rank as the OG Italian side dish for a reason. Sauvignon Blanc goes well with a fresh tomato salad arugula canned tuna or sardines and simple cheeses. Zinfandel is a deep red wine.

Best with tomato-based red sauces it also works with cream- or oil-based sauces. Its basically neutral flavors and refreshing. Ditto for another varietal often recommended with Asian fare.

This red wine can be fruity or savory and the grapes naturally high acid and tannins complement bolognese sauce and other meaty tomato-y pasta dishes like linguine and meatballs or lasagna beautifully. Freemark Abbey Cabernet Sauvignon and. Merlot Merlot is a mellow red wine with flavors from plum violet black cherry and orange.

Is it a fatty cut like a ribeye or more delicate like a tenderloin. Wine with pepperoni or sausage pizza. This wine has some similarities to cabernet sauvignon but it interesting enough to try on its own too.

A sangiovese Italys most planted variety is just the thing to take this dish to the next level. This hearty red wine is the perfect match for spicy bold Italian dishes. Some shellfish like oysters are excellent with sparkling wine like Prosecco Lambrusco or Asti.

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It just doesnt get any better than a crispy buttery pungent loaf. The pairing secret of Malbec is that it works. The Spruce Diana Chistruga.

Go to Recipe. Cab and Merlot work well with fatty beef chuck and the spicy fruit and herbs of Syrah to handle the peppery heat and spritely green sauce in this soulful sandwich. Tannins in red wine interact with fat in the steak so tannin level is a key decision maker in selection.

Just like its color it pairs best with red tomato-based sauces. Rosé wines can also pair well especially those from Abruzzo and Lake Garda but be careful with reds and avoid anything that is. A full-bodied red blend preferably with Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot and Syrah.

A sparkling wine would be good though the safest match is a white wine perhaps from the center of Italy to evoke the dishs geographical origin. Even so theres enough acidity in Gewurz that it can make a good pairing partner for Middle Eastern food. Spicy and peppery with a hint of berries or dark cherries this wine goes best with thick tomato-based red sauces.

The salt from the sea and carbonation from the. Lambrusco – real Lambrusco – is the most brilliantly versatile wine for summer – as good with barbecue and pizza as it is with authentic Italian food. A juicy GrenacheSyrah blend could be great but watch out for too much tannin and oak.

In Tuscany OHare said If I stayed regional and red Id look for a young Chianti. However unlike Cabernet Sauvignon Malbec doesnt have a super long finish or as aggressive tannins which means it will pair extremely well with leaner red meats and even lighter cuts like dark meat turkey or roasted pork. Grab a loaf of Italian bread baguette or any crusty loaf and load it up with the good stuff to serve alongside your favorite pasta.

For something more unusual you could try Barbera DAsti which is a red wine from northern Italy. For the most part spaghetti dishes do best with wines with lower levels of tannins. One exception is meat-based tomato sauces.

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Choose a wine that is higher in acidity than the sauce to avoid a bland experience. It happens to be a popular one too so you can easily find it at local stores. Full bodied wines tend to have more tannins which is why most steak pairing are full bodied red wine.

Some cheeses go better with white wine some with red. A spicier topping such as pepperoni will dominate the pizzas flavour and may be able to handle a wine with a bit more attitude. Our first wine pairing choice was a red wine from Marche called Rosso Piceno.

Barbera has high acidity and is one of the few Italian wines that can match the acidity in tomato sauce complementing the Italian food without being overwhelmed. If youre looking for more specific Italian wine and Italian food pairing see Food and Wines nice cheat-sheet. It depends on the steak.

Chianti is ideal for tomato sauces and even herb based sauces like garlic and parsley and pesto. Similar to Bouillabaisse and a bit less grassy than Cioppino which typically incorporates green bell pepper and oregano the Brodetto was aromatic and lively but cried out for a suitable wine pairing. If your dish is crafted with creamy sauce a full-bodied unoaked dry white will cut through the richness.

In most cases pasta will match well with Italian wines such as a vibrant fruit-forward Sangiovese or classic like Pinot Grigio. Sangiovese also pairs well with tomato cream and oil-based sauces making it a great choice for your next Italian meal. As is the case with so many types of food when all other wine choices fail opt for sparkling wine.

Sangiovese is a hefty red wine that pairs lovely with spicy Italian dishes. The meat calls for a bit more structure and texture as you would get with Cabernet Sauvignon. Cabernet sauvignon is an ideal wine for this effect.

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We love smoky rauchbier and fresh IPA with sausage but there are options for wine drinkers as well whether youre making classic grilled hot dogs with ketchup and mustard or branching out to bratwurst with sauerkraut or spicy Italian sausage with sweet and sour peppers.

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